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We have had many local groups leverage TJEd High with fantastic results.


We have experience and results overlapping well with your co-op, Commonwealth or Vanguard, Momschool, private school, public school honors program, etc., as a Mentored Group Experience.

The key elements for success in a local group have been defined, and we can personalize to meet your group's needs. We’re really excited to be able to help support local Scholar Phase groups! 

What is TJEd High?

Who is it for?

TJEd High! is an online liberal arts mentoring service for youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study -- starting with where your youth is at, and helping them take successful steps forward to reach their ideal.


TJEd High! will enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth is involved in -- whether it's private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; co-op/commonwealth/Vanguard; online courses; etc.

  1. Youth aged 13-18 who are prepared to do weekly readings and discussion at a basic level.
  2. A "Super-charged" honors level with additional readings and mentoring content is available at no additional cost for students who want to challenge themselves to even more depth and rigor.


TJEd High! is all about meeting you where you are, then guiding and inspiring you to take the next step, and then the next, and the next, through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

Stay in the loop with

TJEd High!

Receive insights about Scholar Phase from time to time as well as notifications when semester enrollment is open. 

It’s really pretty simple to plug in.

Here's the breakdown...

There are four critical roles in a successful TJEd High Chapter:

The Host | The Tutor | The Scholar | The Parents

The Host

  • A local sponsor (Commonwealth, Vanguard, private school, public school honors program, momschool, etc.) applies to run a TJEd High Chapter and designates a Host. [The Host may also be a Parent and/or Tutor, depending on the preferences and resources of the local Chapter.]


  • The Host collects registration information and semester payment from each individual student.


  • The Host supplies student account information to the TJEd Team, and completes semester payment for the group, using a payment link provided at that time.


  • Group rates apply for 2 or more students with a Tutor. Tuition for the Fall is $200, Winter is $250 and Summer is $150 per Semester, per student.

The Tutor

  • The Tutor(s) must complete the TJEd High Tutor Training Edition of the "How To Mentor" course [updated in 2019 with new, critical content for this purpose].


  • The Tutor(s) will have access to ongoing support and training from the TJEd High Mentors.
  • The Tutors should enroll as an "additional student in the household" at the discounted rate (or use their child’s account) and do the TJEd High course alongside the youth:
    Complete all video content in TJEd High.
    Complete weekly readings (do the "Easiest" track at minimum).
    Do the Weekly Checklist.


  • Edifying Ian and Emma as the mentors facilitates a more synergistic relationship between the Tutors and the Scholars, leading to greater success with less chance of running into that "require" or negative pressure between the Scholars and Tutors. This allows Tutors to facilitate, support, guide and lead out.


  • TJEd High Local Chapters meet Monday* to watch together, pause at will, and discuss the weekly Video Debriefing. *Alternate content delivery schedules can be personalized on request.
    Have a big screen TV or monitor.
    Have clear and loud audio to simulate a live experience and focus the senses.
    Note: The times that the tech didn’t work and the pilot group just used a laptop, the kids lacked engagement and didn’t participate as effectively.


  • At the end of class, urge the Scholars to go home directly and:
    Join the discussion on the TJEd High Discussion Forum with other Scholars as well as Oliver, Emma and Ian.
    Select their Weekly Checklist Goal in the Learning Portal.


  • Encourage Parents to access the Parent Study Guides to facilitate at-home discussion and engagement. 


  • Via text, email, or your other preferred contact method, Send a reminder to the Scholars to watch the Midweek Mentoring Video on Wednesday


  •  Via text, email, or other preferred contact method, remind the Scholars to report on their checklist goals Friday.

The Scholar

Scholars should have a personal (not shared) account for TJEd High.


Here is what the week looks like for the TJH online engagement:


Live on Monday:

  • Set your weekly Checklist goal (click here for a break down) ~1-3 Minutes                      
  • Book debrief and Mentoring ~50-90 Minutes [with your Chapter]
  • Choose one each week: Easiest Track, Easy Track, Hard Track, or Hardest Track
  • Family Discussion groups


Live on Wednesday:

  • Midweek Mentoring ~10-30 Minutes
  • Family Discussion groups


Live on Friday: 

  • Report on week's Action Items from the Checklist (see above Checklist for a break down).
  • You will report here if you did the reading and discussing you committed to on Monday in the Checklist. Reporting here is one of the Action Items listed. Listen to all the videos and read as many of the books as you can.

The Parents

VIDEO MENTORING: Parents are encouraged to view any and all TJEd High videos (Monday Debriefing and Midweek Mentoring) they can.


PARENT MENTORING: Parents can opt into a Weekly Parent's Guide to help them interact with their TJH Scholar meaningfully on the readings and ideas they're discussing. 


INTERNET SAFETY: The TJEd High Course and Discussion platforms are closed environments, and the utmost care has been taken so that nobody but the currently-enrolled Scholars and the TJEd High Mentors can interact there. That being said, many families do not have filters in place that restrict other online activity. Parents are encouraged to discuss online safety with their youth, and create safe boundaries for internet usage.


YOU, NOT THEM: Parents are encouraged to lead out with their own Scholar-level studies with Mentoring in the Classics.


Reviews and Insights from TJEd High Chapters

What is your favorite part of TJEd High?

What has been your experience combining

an organization with TJEd High?

Will you share your discussion experience with TJEd High?

What are your Mentoring Mom insights?

Is there anything else you would like to share?

What We Recommend For Class

Does Monday not work for your Chapter?


Then be sure to meet as early in the week as possible! Or have one of the assignments be to listen to the mentor video at home and come prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday (or any other day).


Because of the synergy with the Discussion boards, the further from Monday the youth watch the video the less power it may have.

Pause the video whenever someone has something to say, whether it's in response to the video or from their reading.


Encourage them to share, ask, to agree, disagree, add to or whatever. Encourage discussion!


Sometimes the parent mentors can help get the ball rolling by discussing themselves.  


Get through as much of the mentoring video as you can together, or as little, :) until class time is up.


Then send them off with instructions to finish the video at home.

Encourage parents of TJEd High Scholars watch the mentoring videos and get familiar with the readings and Checklist to facilitate discussion and connection within the family.


Make sure they know about and have access to the Parent Study Guides.


The Syllabi

Each button opens a new tab to view that semester's syllabus.

Which semester am I enrolling in?

Fall enrollment closes
at the end of September

Fall A Odd Years: 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023

Fall B Even Years: 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024


The Fall semester is live

September through December

Winter enrollment closes at the end of January

Winter A Even Years: 2018, 2020, 2022

Winter B Odd Years: 2019, 2021, 2023


The Winter semester is live

January through May

Summer enrollment closes at the end of June

Summer A Even Years: 2018, 2020, 2022

Summer B Odd Years: 2019, 2021, 2023


The Summer semester is live

June through August

Semester Start & End Dates

Apply to be a TJEd High Chapter

A Few More Things

Check in with us if you feel it's needed for some coaching and direction to best leverage TJEd High in your local chapter. You can incorporate more of the midweeks, the checklist, the written discussion, etc. as your Blank Page mentoring dictates.

Remember, our sole focus with TJEd High is to help youth get a full 5,000 hours of studying. We don't want to fall into the trap of an "entertainment class" instead of facilitating a Scholar Class. Keep it simple, keep it inspirational, keep it fun, and as parent mentors, be enthusiastic and hungry. The scholars will follow!

If you need a video conference call with other local group leaders or parents to go over this info we can arrange that. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

How Does Mentoring in the Classics

Fit into the Equation?

How Does Mentoring in the Classics

Fit into the Equation?


We also highly recommend the parents in the local chapters do Mentoring in the Classics. This is the adult version of TJEd High for parents with busy lives. 


The parents of the local group will experience a very similar thing to what their youth are getting by mentoring with Oliver and Rachel DeMille. There is a lot of overlap in the classics read in Mentoring in the Classics and TJEd High. Not only will this give the parents a common classic they are reading and discussing with each other, but also with their youth. They will also gain access to our online discussion forum for those around the world doing Mentoring in the Classics. 


Having the Parent leading out in their own Scholar-level learning really empowers them as parent-mentors, gives them greater confidence, and a much easier time connecting with and discussing with their children of all ages. 

TJEd High Options

TJEd High!


Are you part of a local Commonwealth, Vanguard, Mom School, Private School or Public School Honors Program?

Then check out how to host a Mentored Chapter of TJEd High!

TJEd High Advanced


Have you completed at least four semesters of TJEd High or read all the books on the basic track from all six semesters? If so, the TJEd High mentors invite you to join us in TJEd High Advanced.

TJEd High Charter


Have you completed at least four semesters of TJEd High or read all the books on the basic track from all six semesters? If so, the TJEd High mentors invite you to join us in TJEd High Advanced.

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