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What is TJEd High Advanced?

Who is it for?

TJEd High Advanced is an online liberal arts mentoring service for advanced youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study, and enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth is involved in - whether it's private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; commonwealth/ co-op//Vanguard; online courses; etc.

It's TJEd High! -- next level! We take on harder classics, have dedicated advanced discussion groups and start filling in the gaps - among other things (described below).

  1. Any youth who have completed at least 4 full semesters of TJEd High!

  2. Any youth who have read all the basic track books from all 6 semesters of TJEd High!


    TJEd High Advanced is all about meeting you where you are, then guiding and inspiring you to take the next step, and then the next, and the next, through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

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What Does It
Look Like?

TJEd High! is designed to inspire and help lead youth to
read, read, read and discuss effectively. 

We have a lot of fun and really lean in to the invigorating work of a successful Scholar Phase. 


See what our students and their parents have said!


Click here for reviews. 


TJEd High Advanced enrollment is semester by semester. Upon purchase you will be directed to a simple form with a few steps. Fill out the parent information and then the Scholar's name and email. This will ensure we connect the families properly and create a TJEd Learning Portal account for the Scholar.


Tuition only covers access to the course and the mentoring during the semester. It does not cover the books and other materials that may be needed. 


Between each semester will be a 2-4 week break. Enrollment is recommended before the semester starts (big surprise, I know), but we keep enrollment open during the first few weeks. You may still request to enroll at anytime and we'll take this on a case by case basis. 


Each of the video Mentoring content is pre-recorded for on-demand streaming that fits your schedule.

There will be an additional video discussion call once a month for those enrolled in TJHA. More details follow below and a full break down is included at the beginning of each semester. 


Here is an overview of the schedule, and what each week in TJEd High! looks like: 




Goal for the Week:

  • Set your weekly Checklist goal ~1-3 Minutes                      
  • Choose one each week: Easy Track or Hard Track
  • Book debrief and Mentoring ~50-90 Minutes
  • The week's Family Discussion groups


  • Book debrief and Mentoring ~50-90 Minutes


  • Midweek Mentoring ~10-30 Minutes
  • Report on week's Action Items from the Checklist.
  • You will report here what you did with the reading and discussing you committed to on Monday in the Checklist. Reporting here is one of the Action Items listed.

A Key Component &
Our "Secret Sauce"

Written Discussion Forum

The written discussions are a key component of TJEd High! This is our special sauce. We mix great mentoring, with a great peer community and a one-room schoolhouse approach all together.


We have Scholars who's educational background is anywhere from just getting started to advanced. We have Scholars in many countries around the world. To maximize the experience of the large and diverse class size we break the scholars down into separate cohorts, or, as we call them, discussion families. We limit each discussion family to a few dozen scholars. We create as many discussion families as needed depending on the semester's student count. 


This is sometimes a struggle for new scholars and for those who don't write as well. We understand the struggle--everyone starts out new. Don't let this trouble you! What we've found is that the Scholars have really flourished because of the discussions. Their studies have improved, their thinking and comprehension have greatly expanded, their communication skills are honed, and their language arts significantly improve over the years of participating in the discussions. 


There are some mentor lead or instigated discussions threads, but most of them are peer lead and instigated. The mentors get ample opportunity to coach the Scholars in their questions, disagreements and approach. This allows us to take these ideas and dig into them for days and sometimes for weeks! This has made for some very deep and informative discussions. 


The quick thinkers and loud talkers still get to post a lot, but the mullers and reserved Scholars are also put on equal footing. The process is slowed down, you don't have to worry about speaking fast enough or grab everyone's attention. Each post is considered, each post is formulated and can be edited. Many shy Scholars have come out of their shells and found their voice. 


The written discussion forums have been truly excellent! We're looking forward to seeing you there! 

Live Discussion Call

There are live video discussion calls once a month--usually the first Thursday at 10 AM MTN for about 1.5 hours.

We don't include this with regular TJEd High because the youth are not ready for it.


We have to balance "fun" and "scholar" as mentors and one of the leading issues of youth not getting a full Scholar Phase is the sense that they are "doing the work" because they showed up at some class. And another factor is that they will tend to lean on the class and not dig into the written forum.


After decades of mentoring with thousands of youth from all over the globe we are completely convinced that those who engage in the discussion forum get a far superior education than if they show up to a live discussion. 


By the time they have at least four semesters with us in TJEd High they will have the experience from the reading, the mentoring, and writing that adding in live discussions can be beneficial and not take away from the other critical aspects of Scholar Phase. 


However, please don't take this to mean that we don't support any live discussions. This is far from the case! Local groups, friends doing online discussions, talking with parents, grabbing willing family members or anyone who is willing can be highly valuable. Only doing the written forum isn't the best, it's a mixture. Basically, everyone tends to have easier access to verbal discussions than to the need and drive for writing. 


Family Rate

Meeting the educational needs of multiple family members -- teens, parents and younger children -- can not only be complex, it can be prohibitively expensive. We're in the trenches with you, and we understand the dynamics involved!


To help leverage the impact of Leadership Education in your home, we offer discounted rates* for families with multiple Scholars participating in TJEd High.


The first Scholar will enroll at the base rate while tuition for each additional Scholar will be discounted.


*As always, we are delighted to be a blessing to those in financial straits. Please let us know if you need special arrangements in order for your motivated, qualified student to take part in TJEd High!


How to Access the Family Rate

The first Scholar will enroll at the base rate while tuition for each additional Scholar will be discounted.


First, click the Regular Rate Enrollment below and add the desires semester to the cart.

Second, come back to this tab and click the Family Rate Enrollment button below and add the number of additional scholars to your cart.

Third, check out and fill out the farm for each scholar you enrolled. 



It's as simple as that! :)

TJEd High Syllabus
and Two Year Rotation

TJEd High Advanced is a continuous, rotating two-year C/D program (three semesters per year), with available entry into any of the semesters.

  • The "C-year" syllabi begin with Fall of an odd year and run through Summer of the even year (2021-2022; 2023-2024).
  • The "D-year" syllabi begin with Fall of an even year and run through Summer of the odd year (2022-2023; 2024-2025).


There are no prerequisites and no specific starting or ending semester. Students may enter the rotation at the beginning of any semester and do a 2-year run before moving on to the next level. 


We have found that having more experienced students working right alongside newly entering students has benefits for both! The more experienced students get to lead and mentor, and the new students get great peer help and the vision that they, too, will mentor others in their turn. This is one of the great strengths of having a "one-room-school" type of experience. 

The Syllabi

Each button opens a new tab to view that semester's syllabus.

Which semester am I enrolling in?

Fall enrollment closes
at the end of September

Fall C Odd Years:
2017, 2019, 2021, 2023

Fall D Even Years:
2018, 2020, 2022, 2024


The Fall semester is live

September through December

Winter enrollment closes at the end of January

Winter C Even Years:
2018, 2020, 2022

Winter D Odd Years:
2019, 2021, 2023


The Winter semester is live

January through May

Summer enrollment closes at the end of June

Summer C Even Years:
2018, 2020, 2022

Summer B Odd Years:
2019, 2021, 2023


The Summer semester is live

June through August

What if I’m already enrolled in another program?

Great! This is a good thing. Students who are enrolled in public school, online high school, private or charter schools, Commonwealth schools, Vanguard schools, homeschooling co-ops, or other programs can use the TJEd High! mentoring to be more inspired, study more passionately and effectively, and add increased depth and skills to their other studies.


Look over the "What it looks like?" and the semester's syllabus sections (see the buttons below) to gauge the time/energy commitment. We have purposefully designed TJEd High to have minimal class time to allow plenty of personal study and discussion time.


TJEd High! is listed with many online umbrella schools that will cover tuition. If you are part of any of these programs, check to see if we are listed. If we are not please feel free to request us to be listed. We're happy to assist in this process!

What if a 3rd party (Charter/Private/State/Other) is paying for TJEd High for me?

TJEd High! is listed with many online umbrella schools that will cover tuition. If you are part of any of these programs, check to see if we are listed. If we are not, please feel free to request us! For information that may be needed please contact us and we will help.


Clicking the green button below "TJEd High Charter" will open a new tab with more information.

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Go to the Main TJEd High! landing page for info and registration links.


We hope to see you in TJEd High Advanced when the time is right! 

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Have you completed at least four semesters of TJEd High or read all the books on the basic track from all six semesters? If so, the TJEd High mentors invite you to join us in TJEd High Advanced.

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