Special LIVE Educational Seminars in Windsor & Amherstburg

Why Can't I Hear Clearly?:
Hearing, Tinnitus, and the Brain

One Day, Two FREE Community Events!
Wednesday September 18th, 2024

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The Caboto Club in Windsor

9:30am Check-In | Presentation Begins at 10:00am
Snacks will be served following the 1 hour presentation.

The Libro Centre in Amherstburg

1:30pm Check-In | Presentation Begins at 2:00pm
Snacks will be served following the 1 hour presentation.

Special Guest Presenter

Nashlea Brogan, AuD

Clinical Audiologist, Author & Speaker

Co-Author  Books:
(2023) Stay Ahead of the Game: Hearing Well, Aging Well

(2023) Diabetes, Dementia & Hearing Loss
(2024) Ringing Relief: Tinnitus Solutions

Speaker: TEDx, CHHA, AuD Experts, International Hearing Society

For nearly two decades, Nashlea has been a tireless advocate and pioneer in audiology, dedicated to transforming the lives of those with hearing loss. As the owner of her own practice, she has led with a commitment to cutting-edge care, leveraging her personal journey as a Cochlear Implant user to offer empathetic, patient-centered solutions. Whether guiding individuals and families through treatment options or championing broader awareness of hearing loss's holistic impact on cognitive and mental health, she strives to create lasting change beyond the clinic walls. Her passion lies in empowering others to hear better, live fully, and thrive.

Our Gift to You

As a special thank you for coming, all attendees will be given a copy of Nashlea Brogan & Bernice McKenzie's co-authored book "Diabetes, Dementia, & Hearing Loss"