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  • Clarify your direction, set achievable objectives, and create the results you want.


  • Know the exact steps to define and live your best life.


  • Understand the core principles of the Career Acceleration and Life Satisfaction programs.

About The Author

Overweight, in a miserable marriage, and passed over for promotions at work, Dylan Cornelius knew something had to change when his brother told him he'd been complaining about it hundreds for five years.


Dylan was burned out, and he hadn't even known it.


As he turned to classes, coaches, and counselors to resolve his mid-life malaise, he realized he'd never applied the lessons of his psychology degree, leadership or innovation training in his own life.


He'd been going through the motions, just doing what he was told.


As a recruiter and then a professional project manager for 20 years, Dylan had helped many hundreds of people create and execute their strategic plans.


He wondered what would happen when he committed to execute his own strategic plan.


When he did, he lost 50 pounds, met an amazing woman who trained him for his first marathon, got promoted and picked to lead teams.


Now he does triathlons for fun, he's frequently thanked and acknowledged for the difference he makes in the lives of friends and coworkers, and he and his "Honey Bunny", Lori, go on week-long tours on their tandem bike.


Do yourself the favor of skipping the decades of uncertainty, frustration, and struggle. Avoid the mistakes of the unfortunate many.


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Here's what people are saying...

"This gave me the courage to stand up for myself and speak and say what I wanted to do with my life and to be able to step up into that."


Karen W. ~ Project and Community Manager

"I'd recommend Dylan to any person or organization trying to improve and deliver bigger results on an ongoing basis."


Gracie V. ~ Executive Assistant

"I found Dylan to be a leader in adopting new ways of doing things and helping others to see how to adopt new methods."


John K. ~ Compliance Analyst

"Dylan helped me move forward, remembering who I am, who I wanted to be in all of this before all these people showed up, grabbing at me. It's been refreshing. It's been calming. It's been insanely productive."


Omario K. ~ Attorney and Professor

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