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What you will learn from this Blueprint...

How to systematically create and execute your strategic plan!

3 Key Outcomes:

  • Define clear objectives with confidence.


  • Know exactly which step to take next as you create and execute your plan.


  • Stay focused on your priorities through life's ups and downs.

How It Works:

  • Follow the seven-step process to create and execute your plan.


  • Use the four pillars of success to sustain the confident mindset and relationships that will enable you to powerfully execute your plan.


  • Get optional extra help to improve and accelerate your goal setting and strategic planning.

About The Author

As a recruiter for 7 years and a professional project manager for 20, Dylan has helped hundreds of people create and execute their personal and professional strategic plans.


The first plan he recalls making for himself was his entire four-year class schedule in college. Unfortunately, like many plans, things changed. Despite some of those classes never being offered, and several changes of major, he finally got a degree in psychology. Then he went on to graduate school to get a Masters in business.


Even "professionals" with decades of experience and 8-figure budgets fall into the same avoidable traps.


Unless you're committed to making things hard on yourself, or if keeping your job requires you to make bad choices, Dylan can help you avoid or recover from the same mistakes as the unfortunate many.


Get the strategy guide and learn how to apply the three critical elements of successful planning and execution.

Here's what people are saying...

"It’s been the best two months of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have this. It’s made a huge difference"


Karen W. ~ Customer Success Operations Manager

"I'd recommend Dylan to any person or organization who's trying to improve and deliver bigger results on an ongoing basis."


Gracie V. ~ Executive Assistant

"I have taken leadership training over the years, and what Dylan showed me on a 30-minute call was worth thousands of dollars."


Glenn V. ~ Head Speed and Strength Coach

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