The Next Stage In My Journey


Welcome to the next stage in my journey in the world of autism.  If you have followed me for some time, you will know that I am always looking for different ways to help my boys.  Most everything we have tried, has brought them a little closer to healing and overcoming the challenges that come with autism.


I am all about doing things in a natural way.  I believe that we are only given one temple to live in and we should treat it will the utmost care.  Now I did not always believe that, but on this journey, I have learned that that rings true more than ever before.  When we give our bodies what they need they will do what they are suppose too.  Stop and think about how a broke are arm heals.  Most of the time, the doctor lines the bones back up and then puts you in a cast.  Then what, your body heals that bone that together.  We have the most amazing bodies and minds.


There is such true to “you are what you eat.”  Learning that our mind and gut are connected was such a breakthrough for my boys.  Finding what was causing the behaviors with Garrett was just one more piece in allowing him to heal.  So removing the cause (definitely was grains) and adding a good probiotic along with something that help with stress – magical!  The whole house became calmer!  We started to enjoy family time to the point that I was even able to put him on a plane all the way to California several years ago.


In April of this year, I came upon some other supplements that I really thought were working well for me.  I wanted to see if they would work for Garrett.  Not sure if him not having the proper support or me being a little more relaxed on his diet or maybe a combination, but he had a Grand Mal Seizure.  What a scary moment.  It put me back on the path to looking harder for more things to help him. Thankfully he bounced right back.  Doctors did not see any seizure activity on the tests but still left me uneasy for weeks.  Back to late night researching and definitely lots of praying.  Shortly after the seizure, I had a friend introduce me to energy frequencies.  Something I was not very familiar with at all.  But I was ready to learn if it meant it might help Garrett and Brad.


Much to my surprise, Garrett has been loving it and we are seeing a calmer young man.  Self-Injurious behaviors went from several a week to maybe one a month.  We still have a little attitude when he doesn’t get what he wants, but before it would lead into a self-injurious behavior and now it is just an attitude.  I will definitely take that for now!  What we have seen with Brad is that he is much more focused.  Paying attention to his surrounding more, focusing on what is being said to him.  Love that I don’t have to repeat myself several times.


Bonus effect – after 20+ years of waking up with a headache every single day – from minor to major – from taking 3 to 12 Excedrin every day (was Tylenol and ibuprofen before) – they are gone!!!! I never thought I would ever see these days.  It is so amazing!


So, what is this that we are doing!  It is so simple and non-invasive.  You do a simple 10 second recording of your voice at least once a day (and don’t worry if your child is non-verbal, it still works) pop it into the scanner and within a few minutes you have the most amazing report.  It shows before and after a balancing from the scanner.  It really is that simple.  You can deep dive into the report or just glance at it.  If you are like me, you will glance at it and just stay consistent with scanning daily.  There are several other things to help target areas of concern, but simple steps will start helping.


Below is a short video of what it is about.



Learn more by clicking the link below:


Are you ready?

2 ways to try the AO scanner


  1. Jump in and try it for yourself and your whole family for a month (I recommend it for at least 2-3 months for a fair trial since everyone is do different)
  2. A 3-day pass that will give you a feel for way it is all about. You can scan you and your family during that time.



Drop your name and email along with a comment on your thoughts or if you are ready to give it a try and I will be happy to get back to you with all the details.

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