Join us as we travel to native communities and meet shamans who have been working with sacred modalities & medicines for generations. We are LIVE and YOU are missing OUT if you're not subscribed!


The goal of Raw Shamans is to explore the space of entheogens. ((Entheogen: a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a non ordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes.)) We travel to locations like Pulcalpa, Peru, a homeland for ayahuasca; Northern Mexico to find Bufo Toad, and Tulum on a quest with Tepezcohuite -  just to name a few. Many communities use these journeys as a coming of age tradition, a treatment for mental illness, or right of passage to see life more clearly. Tag along, meeting indigenous shamans and get to know their traditions. DMT, Psycilisibin, and Mescaline - OH MY!!


Our dedication and curiosity in the subject over the past decade has been a mind blowing experience, and the time has come to share this journey! There are tons of rumors to debunk, new information to reveal and wild experiences to wrap our minds around.


More and more we see the role of plant medicine and microdosing moving into a center stage, it's time to dive deep into the natural power of these gifts. 

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Retreats are filled with much time to integrate, relax, and explore. Our next retreat is April 21-25th in COSTA RICA! Each day will be anchored with community, off site adventure, beach and jungle leisure time - and of course Plant and Entheogen Ceremony.. Ample free time to relax and enjoy inside or outside of the property.


FACILITATORS   - This isn't our first rodeo  and it won't be our last! We have an amazing network of local souls who will be helping to anchor specific aspects of this retreat. Get ready to meet and connect to some amazing people. Jennifer & Jenessee will be your guides during the TEPEZ ceremony helping you to DIVE DEEP and explore the sacred medicine.


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What are the Raw Shamans WALKABOUT...


Raw Shamans is dedicated to delivering RAW - that's right unedited - content as these expeditions are underway. Expect to be a part of a behind the scene experience while traveling into possibly extreme conditions, tapping into off-the-grid communities, while participating with actual plant medicine shamans. You will get one-on-one travel with Jennifer & Jenessee and the shamans we visit. PLUS, everything will be documented to share with our community so if you chose to support in this way you must be ready to have your experience documented.


This walk-about is entirely self-funded and we appreciate your support! All contributions and donations go directly to support our travel and production endeavors. Please note - Jenessee and Jennifer only travel to locations and journeys where entheogens are accepted. Integrity and legitimacy are of utmost importance to this plight!! 


NOTE: We like to travel in comfort, but options could be limited... Some of these experiences we have already explored and some will be NEW. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime and ready to have everything completely documented for others to learn from then please explore one of the unique journeys below:


Our story started in Peru in 2015! If you chose this one-on-one experience get ready to drag us back in time to explore and update a unique experience that could BLOW OPEN what we know about plant medicine.

$10,000 5-days


Scheduled for August 2022 we will be close to Puerto Vallarta visiting a shaman who has been working with the toad his entire life. His grandsons and grandfathers have also worked with this sacred medicine we are excited to see where this journey leads.

$10,000 5-days


Working with our friend who was not born into a lineage of shamans, but was called! He was then led to develop his own shaman style. We will get to explore KAMBO which provides sacred healing & offers divine love. This is administered in one of the most intrusive ways that plant medicine can be administered yet holds some of the most loving energies.

$10,000 5-days


Work with shamans who have been called to elevate the human consciousness at a time when duality is strong. Journey with us to Tulum, Mexico and explore different ceremonies with different shamans who can help you explore different dimensions of the one reality. This is our sweet spot and a medicine we work with often. If you are looking for a controlled journey this is the one for you.

$10,000 5-days


Working in the very north point of Peru we will explore the blissed out medicine of San Pedro. This medicine is often times combined with other plant experiences so get ready for more than one experience on this adventure.

$10,000 5-days


Working with the Huichol who use this sacred medicine, we will experience the day-long journey of the cactus. Get ready to find more balance within your connection to mother earth and feel connected to the greater flow surrounding you.

$10,000 5-days

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