And Liberty for All!

Footsteps to Freedom


How did we secure freedom in America? What is the American story– from the earliest settlement to the Colonial era to the Revolutionary War and on to the War Between the States that nearly collapsed our future. How did we build this Republic?

  • Travel back in time to walk in the footsteps of American history...
  • Explore the era of the Pilgrims or the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston.
  • What impact did the French and Indian War have on our future and the American Revolution?
  • What were the ideas and discussions that framed our Constitutional Republic in Philadelphia?
  • Visit the newest Smithsonian – The Museum of the American Revolution and see the Liberty Bell.
  • Tour the poignant battlefields of America’s major wars where a storyteller reveals what it was like to be a civilian during
    those wars.
  • Visit the homes of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson...
  • Meet 18th-century "residents" and dine at a colonial tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.
  • Visit Jamestown and Yorktown.
  • Explore the spectacular monuments of America's capital.

We would love to build a custom tour for you and your fellow travelers that incorporates any or all of the above or other sites
of interest to you.

You're Invited!

And Liberty for All!


The dates are 'TBD' based on participant availability around President's Day 2023.


We want to create a small group tour (15-25 people). Sign up if interested. No payment necessary until a commitment is made.


Reach out to Cheryl Johnson below to bring American History to life!


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