Momentum Laser Coaching

Building Momentum This Year

Need an Accountability Coach, to get in ACTION?

Take Advantage of this quick-action, simple habit technique to build success

while you build your business...

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After an initial 30min Introduction & Goal Setting session, we take off quickly in a unique format of support & accountability... 15 minute Laser-focused sessions.


Each Session, YOU create your own momentum, by setting out a challenge or goal, going over what resources you need to accomplish it, and then creating your own ACTION STEP to complete.  Sessions are Unlimited, so you can book as many as you want. As soon as you complete your ACTION STEP, you'll book your next session.

Seeing yourself complete each action, and having a partner who is there to track your progress makes a Huge difference in accomplishing your goals. 


So, What Are You Waiting For? 

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Momentum builds quickly, and takes us farther than we ever expected...

AND, it starts with simple, small steps.  Usually, momentum is partnered with accountability - a muscle that not everyone is a Master at... (I know I wasn't).


So, to give back what I gained (and because I love the process so much), I keep a few spots open, on a rotating basis, for Laser Coaching.


This enables you to take further Action, with the support and accountability you need to make a Vision into a Reality.


Let's Connect

and see if this is right for you...


On our first call, if either of us feels that this is not a good fit, we will refund your entire fee.


Laser Coaching is limited to 8 persons, at any given time.  If the schedule to book is full, the link will not work.


You may email Sharon@mywellthcoach if you have any questions.



Laser Coaching Process

We'll Spend 30 minutes

Getting To Know You & Your Vision,

High Level view Of Your Business, and

A 30/90/360 day breakdown of your Goals

Book Your Unlimited Laser Coaching Sessions using a simple booking link. 

*ACTION STEP submitted with booking

With each session, you will Set and Achieve an ACTION STEP. This creates your momentum, and is submitted in order to book your next coaching session.

WELLth is Nearer Than You Think.

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