Don't Risk Your Email Reputation!

Stay Compliant with Essential Authentication Protocols

With major email providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo tightening their requirements, ensuring your emails hit the inbox has never been more crucial.


These Services Want to Know:

"Are you really who you say you are?"
"Who is allowed to send email on your behalf?"
"What should we do if we get a suspicious email from you?"

That's why you need our

Email Authentication and Compliance Service

We Provide Comprehensive

Email Authentication:

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Setup


DKIM Records:  "Are You Really Who You Say You Are?"

We meticulously configure and verify DKIM records across your main email provider, your email marketing platform, and any other services you use for email communication. This ensures your emails are authenticated and trusted by email servers, enhancing deliverability.


SPF Record "Who Is Allowed to Send Emails On Your Behalf?"

Our team crafts and validates a robust SPF record for your primary email provider and any marketing or automation platforms you use. This step is vital in affirming your emails' legitimacy and improving their journey to the inbox.


DMARC Record "What Should We Do If We Get a Suspicious Email From You?"

We set up a stringent DMARC record to safeguard your domain's reputation. This not only prevents impersonation but also blocks scammers from exploiting your domain for fraudulent emails.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting:

DMARC and Blocklist Monitoring


DMARC Monitoring

Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive DMARC monitoring. We keep an eye on your email delivery performance and watch out for any unauthorized use of your domain, ensuring your emails consistently reach their destination.


Blocklist Monitoring

We vigilantly monitor your domain name and web server IP addresses. If they ever land on a blocklist, it could hinder your email deliverability. Our service ensures that your digital reputation remains untarnished.


Monthly Email Health Report: Insights and Recommendations

Each month, you'll receive a detailed Email Health Report. This report provides a clear, easy-to-understand analysis of your email deliverability status, complete with actionable recommendations to boost your Email Health Score. It's not just about hitting the inbox; it's about maintaining and improving your email performance over time.


Why Choose Us?

Our Email Authentication and Compliance Service is more than just a technical fix - it's a commitment to your coaching business's success. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer tailored solutions to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear in your clients' inboxes. With us, you're not just avoiding the spam folder; you're elevating your entire email marketing strategy.

What Happens Next?

First, you'll meet with our authentication team to identify what needs to be authenticated and to provide access to your platforms.

Next, we will review your current settings and set up email authentication for you and connect our monitoring tool.

Then, we'll meet again to review your overall list hygiene and provide recommendations for maintaining a clean email list.

Finally, you will receive ongoing monthly reports on the overall health of your emails.  We will include recommendations if we flag any issues that need to be addressed.

Ready to transform your email deliverability?

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