How to Maximize the Power of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customers come and go,

but the most growth comes from those who STAY.

The Facts:

Investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.  ~ Harvard Business Review


Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.  ~ Bain and Company


So the more customers you keep, the more your profitability will skyrocket.  


Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers are still stuck in a funnel rut.  

The old funnel mentality focused on acquiring, not keeping customers  


(…and it barely gave a passing thought to people who didn't buy at all)  

Today's forward-thinking marketers use a

CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE approach instead.

It’s a way of integrating all your marketing tactics,  


…so that you meet the needs of your customers WHEREVER they are in their buying decision - before, during, and after a purchase.  


It puts your customer in the spotlight,  


…and it will never go out of style.


When you use Customer Lifecycle Marketing, you’ll:

Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Reduce your cost to acquire new customers.

Earn more word-of-mouth marketing (which costs nothing!).


Think of Customer Lifecycle Marketing like a highly fuel-efficient vehicle that gets maximum mileage for every ounce of energy you put in.

But how do you apply this cutting-edge approach when it upends so much deep-rooted thinking?

Here's how!


How to Maximize the Power of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing focuses on targeting each stage of the buyer's journey from lead to customer to raving fan.  In this course, you'll learn how to meet the customer where they are, and speak to their specific needs at each stage.  For example, current customers have different needs, and require a different type of attention from you, than "shoppers" who haven't purchased your product or service yet.  In this course, you'll learn the exact marketing strategies you need to consistently attract new leads, convert those leads into customers, and retain those customers as loyal fans.

Here's What You'll Learn:

MODULE 1:  What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?

In today’s digital age, marketing that puts customers at the forefront is most successful — Customer Lifecycle Marketing allows you to do just that. In this first module, you’ll learn the phases of the Customer Lifecycle Marketing Model and how it meets the needs of today’s consumers while increasing the lifetime value of your customers and helping your business to grow.

MODULE 2:  Phase 1 - Attract

The Attract Phase is the vital first step to help prospects get to know you and encourage them to stick around to learn more. In this module, you'll explore both marketing tactics and engagement strategies related to developing awareness and exploring needs with potential customers.

MODULE 3:  Phase 2 - Convert

During the Convert Phase, the primary goal is to guide prospects through the buying process so that they take action and make a purchase. In this module, you’ll explore more marketing tactics and engagement strategies - this time related to persuading prospects to evaluate and buy the right offer.

MODULE 4:  Phase 3 - Delight

With the Delight phase of the Customer Lifecycle Marketing Model, the aim is to keep customers happy, successful, and involved. In this module, you’ll learn more marketing tactics and engagement strategies - this time related to delivering the types of experiences that lead to lifelong customers.

MODULE 5:  Review and Refine

In this final module, we’ll bring together everything you’ve learned in the course and develop an actionable Customer Lifecycle Marketing Plan.

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