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In 60 days this non-profit...

 went from stuck inaction for years to organization-wide alignment and strategic implementation


 5 months later they reached a pivotal milestone a whole 6 months ahead of schedule.



In just 8 weeks this C-suite leader...

  • Created and announced her exit strategy to leave her organization after 16 years
  • negotiated a 20% raise + 4-day work week
  • and started 2 new businesses that already began generating new income!


In 3 weeks this business owner...


created $316K in sales with a brand new sales team

Before working with me, this owner had become bottleneck to their own growth by being the only sales person in the business.


In 60 days we:

  • Hired and trained a team of heart-centered sales people
  • Created and implemented a sales sprint strategy for the new sales team
  • Generated $316K in sales in 3 weeks with their new team


In 7 weeks this C-suite leader at a multi-8 figure company...


received a 42% pay increase

Before we worked together, he was feeling  frustrated, undervalued, and overlooked.


Then we created a strategic growth plan that he presented to CEO and CEO Emeritus during his annual review.


We also prepared him to transparently speak about the compensation he deserved for the value he brings (even though that is way outside their company's cultural norms)

  • They said it was the best review they'd ever done.
  • They said they said the strategic growth plan was "perfect" and that they "wouldn't change a thing."
  • They even asked him to present part of his review of 2022 to the entire team because they felt it captured the successes of the company that had been previously overlooked.
  • On top of the praise that he received, his confidence to state his value and ask for more money worked.

They gave him the biggest pay increase in the history of their company and moved him from being a mid-six-figure earner to a multiple-six-figure earner in just one powerful, well-planned conversation.


In 4 months this new entrepreneur... 

  • went from afraid to charge her worth, to more than doubling her prices
  • making her monthly income goals in 1/4th of the time while still serving her community and holding to her value of accessibility 


In the first 45 days with this non-profit...


saved $38,500 and reclaimed hours a month in their Executive Director's Schedule

It took implementing just ONE optimized solution I created as their Fractional COO to create that result.


In the 10 months following, I achieved:


  • Efficiently filled staffing gaps that had been vacant for nearly a year
  • Successfully mitigated potential project risks, resulting in savings of thousands
  • Orchestrated their most successful annual fundraiser with just 6 weeks of preparation
  • Discovered untapped marketing funds, totaling $120,000
    Crafted a strategic plan to propel their annual budget from $750K to $2.5M in 5 years
  • Implemented a team restructuring, leading to the establishment of 3 new leadership roles and internal promotions for 3 women
  • Spearheaded a rapid Executive Director leadership transition, recruiting and hiring a new ED within 7 weeks, emphasizing diversity with the appointment of the organization's first Latinx ED

His leadership skills skyrocketed in just 1 week of working together...

...and what he had to say when
we finished.

Alan Razzaghi
Founder, Freshlunches

Los Angeles, CA

"I didn’t know what to expect and this has been such a great and welcome surprise. It has opened the door for new skills...It has changed my management style and approach to employee relations... I thought emphasis on practice was extremely important."

"For me, this is as focused as our energy has felt in my time working on the board thanks to Cassandra. Bringing you in to facilitate this for us was an excellent decision for us as an organization."

Finance Committee Chair and Board Member
for a small non-profit

"My biggest takeaway from the annual meeting is that we truly are in alignment in a way we haven’t been as a team before."

Success Director
for an international tech company

"Blown away by your level of support"

Had a few different coaches and been going around in circles. Your style really works well for me. To-do's are clear, the sessions are really fun, and I feel really listened to.

​It feels like a collaboration, rather than a coach just telling me to do things their way.  I am really enjoying our sessions.  You're an amazing coach.

This is an area [public speaking and sales] I feel really vulnerable and uncomfortable, and it's a fear I never thought I would face. With your support, I now feel as though it is something I can accomplish with this practice. Blown away by your level of support.

Louise Homfray
Lifestyle Coach
​Manchester, UK

"My relationships have been forever changed"

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders by the your insights and support through the [simulations]. Both my personal and business relationships have been forever changed.

Amy Williams
CEO, AB Unlimited Worldwide

The quickest path to success is to have professional support and accountability along the way.

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