Simplify to Multiply
Your Money

and much less stress!



STOP Doing the Same Things and

Expecting Different Results NOW!!!!

In less time than it takes to watch a movie, you can learn how to leave chaos and inconsistency behind FOREVER.

And make MORE time and MORE MONEY your NEW Normal!

Are You in a constant state of Overwhelm & BURNOUT?

  • Do you feel like you are always running around with your hair on fire?
  • Are you wearing all of the hats so that you can't focus on what's making you money?
  • How many missed opportunities and delayed projects are ultimately leading to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars?

Are you losing money because you aren't prepared?

  • How much money are you losing because you are wasting your time and resources looking for something, to only have to look for it again when you are ready for it?
  • How many customers are you losing or missing out on because you are missing follow-ups, losing leads, and not communicating.
  • Are you missing out on repeat business and word of mouth referrals because you can't keep up and you keep disappointing your customers.

Is Your Money Slipping Through the Cracks?

  • Are you losing thousands of dollars because you don't have the data you need to make sound financial decisions to make more money?
  • Are you missing opportunities to make more money and cut unnecessary expenses and optimize their financial resources?



Feeling Alone in Your Struggle?
It’s Not Your Fault & We HAVE a Solution!

We understand. You're not alone! No need to feel isolated or embarrassed by the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. You have worked so hard to build your business to what it is, and you don't want to fail now. You didn't come this far to only come this far. But the same things you did to get where you are in your business will not work to get you to the next level.   

NOW, it's time to FINALLY take your business to the next level.

It is Time to Simplify to
Multiply Your Money.

Ask yourself: Is your business running you, or are you running your business? Because let's be honest, if you were in complete control, you wouldn't be here seeking change!

It is nearly Mid-Year 2024, let's get your business set up for ease and organization instead of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm


It's Time to Simplify Your Business Processes so that you end up with More Time to focus on the activities that will generate....

MORE TIME = MORE MONEY = MORE FREEDOM and much less stress!



Mark your calendar for Friday, May 10, 2024, for an exclusive 3-hour event that promises to empower businesses like yours to have more money, time, and freedom. Tired of feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? This workshop is tailor-made for you. Beyond a mere learning opportunity, it's a transformative journey towards proactive business management. Join us and finally take charge of your business.

Friday, May 10, 2024

9am -12pm EST

12pm -3pm PDT




What You'll Learn...

  • 1. Strategic Organization:
    Discover the keys t0 save up to one month every year by learning our simple but life changing process to time management. That’s right! 

  • 2. Actionable Steps for Immediate Implementation:   

    Leave with practical and proven techniques to use immediately to simplify your business processes and reduce your sense of overwhelm.  
  • 3. Cost-Cutting Mastery:   
    Master Techniques to stop money from slipping through the cracks and KNOW EXACTLY how much wasting time is costing you!

    4. Use YOUR time to make more TIME and MONEY: -- 
    TIME IS MONEY! Leave with tools and strategies to condense and optimize your time to multiply your money and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.  

Who Are We?


Kathi Burns, CPO

Board Certified Professional Organizer

Image Consultant, Author

As the founder of, a professional organizing and image consultancy, Kathi’s mission is to end overwhelm, energize, and transform lives by creating systems clients can stick to. Her straightforward advice is frequently published in Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur, Oprah Magazine and more. Kathi is nationally recognized for her simple organizing and style solutions and featured on Good Morning America as a successful woman owned business.


LeaAnn Fuller

Bookkeeper, Profit Strategist

Fuller Path 2 Profits 

LeaAnn increases profits for women in business by creating Financial Awareness beyond marketing and sale.  Combining her Coach U Training and 25+ years of business and accounting experience, she offers a unique approach to finding clarity to make data driven, informed decisions in your business to find the hidden profits, structure, and strategies to grow and expand your business.


Kathi's Testimonials:



"All the great stuff you've heard is true!"

“We hired Kathi a couple of years ago to help us get a handle on our flat filing and general office disorder. The system she helped us implement was simple and easy to use! We shredded pounds of old & unnecessary files. Although she already has a great reputation, we just wanted to go on public record here to say that all that great stuff you've heard is true!”

~Anya Shortridge, Ashes on the Sea


"Productivity has been increased in our office by at least 50%"

“Since working with Kathi over two years ago, I am still using her systems. I now even provide my clients with similar folders to help them keep their records organized. I would say that productivity has been increased in our office by at least 50% since Kathi worked with our team. I have been recognized and been given more responsibilities because I am more organized."

~T. Schechter, Merrill Lynch



LeaAnn's Testimonials:



"A partner in the growth of your business"

LeaAnn delivers accurate accounting... quickly. This data helps me make the right choices for my business and provides an incredible peace of mind. In addition, she offers counsel on the income and expenses which gives a great outsider view of my business. I would highly recommend her as a partner in the growth of your business!

Jean Marie Russo ~ CEO Alkaline for Life & Better Bones  


"LeaAnn is a lifesaver! We couldn't be happier."

I own a large cleaning company & struggled for years trying to keep my books organized. LeaAnn is a lifesaver! We couldn’t be happier with her services.

Heather Lovewater ~ Home Sweet Home Cleaning & Gardening LLC



In a world where the only constant is change, don't let your business fall behind. Seats for this crucial workshop are limited – secure your place today and turn 2024 into a year of remarkable financial success, no matter the market conditions!

Remember, every day is a new day to make a change and take ACTION!






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