She Leads, She Profits: Unleashing Bold and Courageous Faith to Become a Full-time CEO; this book aims to provide a roadmap for those ready to embark on their own journey of empowerment and success. It is a call to action for aspiring Christian women CEOs, inviting them to embrace their unique calling and unleash their untapped leadership potential. By blending the principles of faith, boldness, and courage, we will delve into the essential elements of building a profitable and thriving business.


Sheya Atterberry-Chisenga, The Woman Christian CEO®, is Speaker, Leadership Business Coach & Sales Trainer for Women CEO Coaches & Speakers who are called to make a divine impact with purpose. Sheya is the CEO & Founder of It's My Time to Rise Business Institute for Women Leaders and Entrepreneurial Center for Women. With over 14 years of entrepreneurship, Sheya Chisenga has dedicated her life to Women CEOs, Coaches & Speakers to build a thriving business that changes people's lives and creates financial freedom and a legacy.

These pages will explore the importance of cultivating a growth mindset. Recognizing your passion and purpose is the first step toward unlocking your leadership potential. We will discover how these extraordinary women CEOs harnessed their inner strengths and propelled themselves forward, developing the necessary skills and mindset to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Who is this book for?

You are a high-achieving Women CEO, Coach, or Speaker ready to be unapologetic, step into the God-given purpose as a Full-Time CEO.

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