Graphic Design
Subscription Packages

3 Options to Choose from

depending on the scope of your design needs!

It’s like having your own in-house designer and allows us time to plan your marketing strategy ahead of time. You have heard the saying . . . 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

You don't have to decide what services you want right away. Below are some samples of the graphic design services included.

- Business Card Design

- Letterhead & Envelope Design

- Microsoft Word Letterhead

- Facebook / LinkedIn Cover Photos

- Social Media Graphics for Posts

- Product / Service Promo Pieces

- Webinar Presentations Graphics

- Office Forms Design

- Posters and Post Card Mailers

- Greeting Card Design

- Promotional Videos / Editing

- Broadcast Newsletter Design

- Review and assess your
  company’s digital footprint

When you purchase a Subscription-based Graphic Design Package you

end up saving more money than if you paid by the hour.

Each month you need to use up all your hours. If you go over your allotted hours for a month, you can top them up at the discounted hourly rate of your chosen subscription plan. Each month must be paid in advance.

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For your convenience, you can now pay with a credit card. But you'll save money if you use e-Transfer!