“I’m done with feeling SICK all the time... I just want to feel like ‘The Real Me’”


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The Wellness Connection


Heal your sickness and reclaim your vitality with a supportive community of like-minded, health-conscious high achievers...

Expertly led by a licensed naturopathic doctor
Dr. Holly Donahue’s “Triple-Heal” protocol gives members all the tools you’ll ever need to transform your health, FAST.

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Put an end to living in your doctor’s office...receiving knee-jerk, “pill-for-an-ill” prescriptions

It’s time to seize back control of your health and your LIFE.

All too often, chronic pain and nagging ailments get treated by overworked mainstream medical practitioners…

They prescribe their patients pills for just about everything under the sun, usually without so much as a hormone test being carried out first!

This leads to frustrated patients receiving the wrong type of remedy for their body’s unique biochemistry…and oftentimes makes the pain WORSE.

But for decades now, naturopathy has succeeded in areas where mainstream medicine has FAILED.

The secret to its success lies in individualized, holistic health care plans…

Because naturopath experts know that we all have unique requirements, and we all deserve more than cookie-cutter prescriptions…



The REAL & RAPID journey to a clean bill of health starts here


The Wellness Connection is a rejuvenating alternative to the health protocols you’ve received from professionals who don’t listen to you.

This exciting group coaching program has been created to get you roaring back to your PEAK SELF using science-backed naturopathic methods

In just 3 months, you’ll drastically improve your:

✔ Mindset and Motivation. Without mastering these, you’re guaranteed to fail — but we’ll tee you up for success by teaching you realistic goal-setting and mental resilience.


✔ Macro Level Nutrition. You’ll take back complete control of your diet with food prep and cooking tactics that destroy those icky feelings and nourish your body and mind.


✔ Sleep Science. You’ll unlock the secrets to better-quality sleep…so you’ll wake up in the morning charged with energy, ready to attack your day’s challenges.


✔ Herbs and Plants as Medicine. You may as well be a bona-fide herbalist by the time we’re done with this! You’ll gain long-forgotten wisdom that’s existed for centuries…and feel empowered to prescribe your OWN remedies with Mother Nature’s medicines.


✔ Daily Inspiration. You’ll become the master of your own mind with stillness, balance, and gratitude techniques that soothe your stress and optimize your thinking and performance.


✔ Detoxification and Gut Health. The impact your gut health has on your WHOLE-BODY health is truly mind-blowing…and you’ll be trained on how to detox like a pro in only 21 days!



Bounce back to your best FAST…with support from an awesome, inspiring community


Dr. Donahue and her team teach this program in a group setting with her unique “Triple-Heal” approach.

Exclusive to The Wellness Connection group, it’s a three-pronged framework designed to nurture you back to your best AT SPEED…



You get a science-based strategy, optimized for you:

✔ Receive tangible health data
✔ Analyze your current wellness
✔ Develop a game plan for better health

Next, you’ll join doctor-led group coaching sessions:
✔ Participate in weekly live discussions
✔ Get involved in health and wellness workshops
✔ Stay accountable with regular group check-ins


Throughout the program, you’ll be tying it all together with support and guidance from a community of like-minded go-getters:
✔ Access an exclusive, private Facebook group and text support
✔ Join live events together, including summits and masterclasses
✔ Plus, get access to MANY MORE useful tools and resources, exclusive to members of the Wellness Connection.


“Dr. Donahue is truly one of a kind. To me she is a true healer, compassionate, incredibly empathetic, takes the time and then some to listen, understanding and really gets to the root of ALL health concerns – not just the obvious. She’s truly changed my life for the better. Dr. Donahue will get you on the right path for successful, lasting healing.”
– Amanda B.

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Meet Dr. Holly Donahue

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, Dr. Donahue brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her patients — helping each one of them develop tools and strategies to create healthier, more balanced lives.


“My goal is to help patients find joy in good health so they can perform at their best and thrive.”


Here’s some advice on joining the Wellness Connection from Dr. Holly Donahue herself…


“The results of naturopathic medicine can be remarkable…


But life-changing improvements require a certain level of commitment and an openness to change.


For this reason, places on the Wellness Connection program are limited, and you can secure yours by application only. I take all calls myself and just run through some simple questions with you to see if you’re suitable for the program. I want to make sure you can benefit from this.

I wish I could help more people, but over the years I’ve discovered there are certain patients who’ve succeeded more than others. These tend to be entrepreneurs and high achievers… the more driven, Type-A individuals. People who bring the same level of passion and energy to improving their health as they do to advancing their careers.


If that sounds like you, I guarantee you’ll THRIVE in The Wellness Connection…and restore your health faster than you ever thought was possible.


I look forward to receiving your application to join the program…and I’ll see you on our call!”