Good Things Are Coming

Your family helping other families across Orange County thrive!

The youth PureGame serves are lacking authentic connections and positive role models.

This is causing them to struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. 

Kids shouldn't have to struggle this way, it's just not right!​

Good Things Are Coming!

Good things truly are coming this season!

The White Family has generously agreed to match your donations dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000!  

Donate today to make double the difference in the lives of underserved youth. 

Together, your family and their family can help other families in Orange County thrive!

Your support makes all the difference!

Your support will ensure that underserved kids in our community receive the hands-on mentorship and sports-based character education needed to begin paving their own pathways to success.

 -- $50 – Sponsors a young person in the 4-week after-school STAR Sports program  
 -- $100 – Sponsors a young person in the 8-week after-school STAR Sports program  
 -- $200 – Sponsors a young person in the 16-week after-school STAR Sports program  
 -- $600 – Sponsors a young person for a full year in the after-school STAR Sports program  
 -- $1,000 – Helps a school fund a PureGame school partner fund an in-school program for an entire year

Your generous donations this season will ensure that kids whose families are struggling receive the hands-on mentorship and sports-based character education needed to help them achieve their own pathways to success! 

Here’s how we do it:

We know you want to be a Champion for children in Orange County.

We understand how important it is to help local kids who are struggling.

To make sure we do our part, PureGame has served over 32,000 youth across Orange County, provided 20,000 hours of sports-based youth development curriculum, and conducted more than 100 school and community-based programs since 2009.

Not ready to part with your hard earned cash? You can still impact young people by sharing your wisdom.

Do you remember how confusing the world felt as a fifth grader?

Were there times you felt lost and out of place?

If you could travel back in time and have a conversation with that scared fifth-grade version of yourself, what would you say?

Now that you’re older and wiser, you can help kids understand that, although there are hard times, there are exciting and amazing experiences to have and grow from.

As a Wisdom Champion, your wisdom will be shared with a   young person currently struggling and provide them with the understanding you have now to help them navigate this confusing world.

10 benefits of supporting a sports-based youth development program.

We know that youth are struggling to make meaningful connections and it is leading to kids suffering from increased levels of depression and anxiety.

This is just nor right!

We also know that physical activity can alleviate depression and anxiety. Add to that the fact that sport is a great way to create meaningful connections and you have a winning formula.

Thank you for helping kids create a pathway to success!

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