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Encouragement - the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

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Be an Encouragement!

There’s a quote that says, “be the person you needed when you were younger."


What encouragement did you need when you were a child that you never received or what was a piece of encouragement that changed your life for the better?


If you could have a conversation with your younger self, what would you say? What would you tell your younger self that would right a wrong, heal a wound, encourage you to do something you regret not doing?


As an Encouragement Champion, you have the opportunity pass that encouragement along to a child participating in PureGame’s program by writing a letter as if you were writing it to your younger self.


On delivery of your letter, the Field Champion will ask the chosen young person some reflective questions. The answers to which will be returned to you, so you can understand the power your encouraging words had on that young person.

Here are some guidelines for sharing your encouragement.

Take some time to think back to what you would have helped you the most, be real, and don't hold back. This exercise could be as good for you as it will be for the kids reading your letter.

The kids we work with can be struggling with all sorts of issues, so encouraging words do help. They can lift them out of a bad day, help them understand they are not alone, and put them on a pathway of success. What ever you write, have this picture in mind.

When writing, do focus on yourself. There is nothing more helpful than a real note written to a real person, and that person will be you through this process. When the kids read it, they will get the feeling that you are in fact writing to them.

An example letter.

Dear 13 year old self, I know things seem confusing right now and that you have a ton of questions about who you are and where you belong. I want you to know this is perfectly normal for a boy of your age. I also know that it doesn't feel normal! What you are learning right now, and yes they are good lessons, will set you up for so much success in your future.


Your parents love you, even though they may not totally show it, they do. When you get older, you will see this as true. For now, keep your head down and focus on what is right in front of you. Keep building your friendships, they will be there for you for years to come and will help you through some tricky situations.


I know you love the film Star Wars, what is there not to love! Well, think about how Luke goes through all those challenges. He doesn't like going through them, but he perseveres and makes some really good things happen. I want you to take the same view on the challenges you are facing right now. I know they suck, but as you work through them, good things will happen.


You're an awesome kid and you are doing everything a normal 13 year old would do. You have some amazing talents and these will serve you will as you grow older. Keep at it kid, you're going to do great things.


Love you.



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You are helping kids pave their own pathway to success!

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