About the Courses and Training

The MaxED Courses are designed to provide you with the Foundations to build your business. Each course topic contains knowledge that every business can use to establish the essentials. They are simple and basic intentionally to ensure you learn and implement the tools into your business.

Each course is made up of 2 parts:

  1. An initial training - These are typically 2-2.5 hours with separate modules for each topic.
  2. Tools and resources - These are for you to implement into your business processes

What you will learn from the Training

The training is the initial access point to any topic. This is an online training made up of modules with lessons, quizzes and reviews for feedback. It also includes a workbook that will keep you on track.

You will learn all the basic concepts of each topic and be encouraged to understand how you can work on them and integrate them in your business.

Your Business Excelerator will be in the background ensuring you are on track and maximising your learning.

Here's the layout as an example of the Course's TRAINING PAGE with all the modules.

Here's the layout as an example of the Course's RESOURCES PAGE with all the downloads.

This video gives an overview of the courses and how they work

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