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The Church's Guide to Rechargeables.

How to choose the correct batteries

and chargers for your church.

Rechargeable Batteries

  • High Capacity or Low Discharge?
  • Run-tIme Requirements
  • Slimline or Standard Size?
  • NiMH or Lithium?

Battery Chargers

  • Selecting Best Charger(s)
  • Refresh / Reconditioning -- Necessary?
  • Rackmount or Desktop Considerations
  • Pre-charge, Top-Off and Trickle Charge

Charging Guidelines

  • Applying Successful Charging Technique
  • Memory Effect?
  • Maximizing Battery Life
  • True Capacity Testing

Your success using rechargeable batteries for wireless mics and in-ear monitors  depends upon having the right batteries, the right chargers and applying some simple guidelines.

Whether you have 2 wireless mics or 20, we can help -- as we have for over 40,000 church clients.