2nd Annual
Shop 4 a Cause Event


WhatIfWeCould and Sarah Brown of Coldwell Banker BAIN, is proud to present this fun and necessary event to provide supplies local nonprofits need all year long.


Our inaugural event last year featured 20 local nonprofits and over 120 supporters that produced over $20,000 in supplies.


1) Nonprofits will sign up below.

2) WhatIfWeCould will create and send your campaign link for the nonprofit to share with supporters in emails, social media and websites.

3) When supporters arrive at campaign page for your nonprofit, they will make a pledge to spend $100 on supplies you requested that evening.

4) Supporters will be reminded a few times prior to the event.

5) When supporters arrive, they will check in and will receive your shopping list of supplies, $10 in Dutch Bros. gift cards, sticker and some other goodies.

6) While shopping, supporters will see nonprofit representatives (optional) standing near supplies they requested, giving thanks and small talk.

7) Supporters will checkout at designated Shop 4 a Cause checkstands.

8) After checking out we’ll take their photo with shopping cart and placard with the logo of your nonprofit in front of the Shop 4 a Cause banner.

9) Supporters will then be directed to the staging area right outside the store where nonprofits can accept the product and thank supporters.

10) Nonprofits are welcome to take their product with them after the event, or for a small donation, can have their product delivered the following Monday, July 25th.


  • Most nonprofits have ongoing supply needs that are easy to identify, select 5-8 items with multiples of each, that adds up to approximately $110 (Fred Meyer is giving 10% off all non-food items).
  • If you don't have ongoing supply needs, try to think of items to give away to those you serve. Supporters love these kinds of opportunities, help include them in a story.
  • Share the event with your current business sponsors - they may want to make a company event around the event - then include a spotlight of their generosity in your next newsletter - we'll get you pictures to share!

WhatIfWeCould? is fiscally sponsored as a project under nonprofit Angels for Angels, located at 300 Lenora St #453, Seattle, WA 98121 - EIN: 27-5180670


Your participation makes a difference, thank you. Your participation and the participation of other local nonprofit enables WhatIfWeCould to provide a platform for the entire community to benefit from. These funds will go towards the continuance of building relationships, website maintenance, media and paid marketing. Please use the EIN number above to claim your donation.


Angels for Angels Terms of Use

“As required by federal tax law, once a donation has been processed, it becomes the property of Angels for Angels, and Angels for Angels has exclusive legal control over the donated funds.  Angels for Angels will make a good faith effort to utilize a gift for the purposes of the WhatIfWeCould project, however, Angels for Angels reserves the right to re-grant gifts where, in Angels for Angels sole discretion, the recommended project is not furthering its specified charitable purposes or when, for example, such project falls out of compliance with a federal or state regulatory authority.  If Angels for Angels cannot regrant a donation to or for the purposes of a project that you have recommended, Angels for Angels may in its sole discretion select an alternate recipient, expend the funds in furtherance of the intended charitable purpose itself, or contact you for a different recommendation.”