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I created the guide because I started my business with only $20 and wanted to teach other startup founders how to do the same thing through collaboration and partnership.

Before using the strategies presented in the guide I was working day and night to create something that looked like a business on my own. I knew I was self taught and didn’t have all the skills I needed to build out my startup. 

So I decided to partner with brands that had the funds and following that my business needed to grow. I also worked with founders that were growing their startups too to exchange services. 

After doing so… 

I saved over $48,000 in business startup costs. 

I built a network of allies that helped me build my referral network. 

I gave my business credibility and authority. 

I know you’re thinking if this strategy is so great why doesn’t everyone do it? 

Well to be honest not everyone is brave enough to do it. 

It takes guts to put yourself out there and I can’t say that you won’t face rejection. But if you follow the strategy presented in the guide you’ll be able to build your startup with little to no cost. 


 I want to help you out!  Are you ready to do this? 

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