Introducing a Radical New Strategy
For Working with Data in Excel

When you work with data... 

You Can Become

10x to 20x More

Productive in Excel

▶ You can create new dashboards, financials, and other Excel work in minutes or hours—not in days.


▶ Your reports can include external business and economic data.


▶ You can update each report with one command each period.


▶ You can update all of them with one command—if you're willing to learn some VBA.

To do so, you just need...


At least Excel 2016.


Excel flowbooks, which you create from Excel workbooks.

See for yourself...

Two Free Trainings Will Show You How & Why It's Done

If you're a manager, you'll learn why this strategy can keep your Excel users from burning out.


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Charley Kyd, MBA
Former Excel MVP for 10 Years

The cover of the flipbook training named "The Excel Flowbook Revolution."

FYI: I created this training in Excel and then uploaded it to a flipbook service, where I added the audio.


It offers an intriguing distribution option for our Excel reporting in the future! The reports can be password protected & support reader feedback.