Elite Hormone Club

Embrace the Natural Transition of (Peri)Menopause
Without Unnecessary Suffering


(Peri)menopause is a period of Hormone Decline.

Hormone Decline Can Cause the Following:

➡️ Serious health problems like osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s

➡️ Premature aging, especially changes to your skin and hair

➡️ Hot flashes, poor sleep, intense mood swings, and weight gain

➡️ Depression and anxiety

➡️ Feeling a lack of control over your body 

➡️ 7 out of 10 women who divorced during perimenopause reported that their hormonal symptoms played a part in the divorce

➡️ When your hormones are out of balance, you’re not able to live your best life




Don't neglect your hormones

You Deserve to Navigate this Phase of Life
with Ease and Support

Welcome to The Elite Hormone Club

The Elite Hormone Club is Right for You
if You want Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Improved Health

With the Elite Hormone Club, you can say goodbye to:


✔️ Gaslighting from doctors who minimize your (peri)menopausal symptoms

✔️ Doctors who refuse to test your hormones

✔️ Being prescribed dangerous, synthetic hormones

✔️ Sleepless nights

✔️ Thinning skin and wrinkles

✔️ Intense mood swings

✔️ Hormonal weight gain

✔️ Hot flashes

✔️ Hair loss

✔️ Low libido or painful sex


With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT),
You Can:

✔️ Sleep better

✔️ Enjoy a calm, stable mood throughout each month

✔️ Return to your healthy body weight

✔️ Potentially prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s

✔️ Restore your energy levels

✔️ Increase your skin thickness while decreasing fine line and wrinkles

✔️ Restore your youthful glow! 

✔️ Enjoy a higher quality of life

Many women report that balancing their hormones gave them their life back!

What You Get in the Elite Hormone Club


4 appointments a year with a provider


Prescriptions for bioidentical hormones when indicated


After assessing your symptoms, goals, and test results, your provider will write prescriptions for BHRT if your test results indicate they are necessary.

Your provider will meet with you each quarter to discuss your progress and adjust your prescriptions if necessary.


Healthy Body, Healthy Hormones

Wellness Course


The Healthy Body, Healthy Hormones Wellness Course is broken down into easy-to-watch video modules. This nurturing course guides you towards hormonal balance through a healthy lifestyle.

With hormone-friendly nutrition, meal plans, and recipes, we equip you with essential tools for well-being. You’ll also learn breathwork and mindset strategies. By integrating these practices with hormone replacement therapy, you'll unlock optimal results and embrace confidence and vitality at every life stage.



Nourished & Strong Weekly live Zoom meetings


The first Zoom meeting of the month is with Dr. Tabatha, who answers all your burning questions related to hormones, gut health, and general health. This is a very popular monthly live Q&A! We encourage you to pre-submit questions for this monthly meeting.


The 2nd and 4th Zoom meeting of each month is with Dr. Tabatha’s Nutritionist, and her health coach. They cover nutrition, meal plans, and mindset.


The 3rd Zoom meeting of the month is a breath-work session for vagus nerve regulation and parasympathetic activation.


The replay of each Zoom meeting is recorded and uploaded to your Wellness Hub for your convenience.




You’ll have access to our extensive recipe collection. You’ll love exploring these delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make recipes. Our popular recipe collection is updated with at least five new recipes each month.


Supplement Discounts


Women in the Elite Hormone Club always get 10% off all supplements from the Gutsy Gyn store.


What’s the Investment?

The Elite Hormone Club is $500 for your first month and then $256/monthly installments for 12-consecutive months thereafter.

The first month is higher because there is a required, one-time, hour-long, virtual appointment with a provider prior to joining Her Higher Health medical practice. Each new patient will need to schedule a “new patient intake” to become a part of the practice. This intake will allow us to learn about your health concerns and goals.

During your virtual appointment, we will also discuss your hormone lab tests and whether BHRT is indicated at this time. You will walk away from this appointment with a prescription for bioidentical hormones (when indicated) and a health plan.

Your first installment for the Elite Hormone Club will begin one month after your appointment. Save $316 when you pay-in-full!



"A note of tremendous gratitude. The hot flashes have stopped. I am sleeping so much better. No more being awakened due to extreme heat followed by extreme cold. I cannot thank you enough!"

 - Stacy

"I've lost 18 lbs already. I haven't felt this good in 13 yrs. You gave me my life back! I didn't know I could feel this good!"

 - Rebecca

A note of tremendous gratitude. The hot flashes have stopped. I am sleeping so much better. No more being awakened due to extreme heat followed by extreme cold. I cannot thank you enough!

 - Stacy

"I've gotten so much out of this program, I tell everyone and they are jealous! I’ve already lost 15 lbs and I feel so good."

 - Andrea

I feel really good. I have my energy back and I'm sleeping so much better.

 - Nicole

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