Land Your Dream Job in Portland

(and Beyond)

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Do you ask yourself:

  • Why is the Portland job market so competitive?
  • How do I find a well paying, engaging job in Portland?
  • What can I do to stand out from other applicants?
  • How do I learn about jobs that are never publicly posted?
  • How do I get started in a new field?

We have the answers!

Save yourself time, money and sanity! Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) helps you every step of the way.


Learn how to uncover Portland's hidden job market, build a local network that gives you an inside edge, and establish yourself in Portland's professional scene!

What people are saying about Land Your Dream in Portland

Linda Favero

Consultant, The Coraggio Group

"Land Your Dream Job in Portland is an incredible resource for individuals who are new to the job market or want to make a career change. It all comes down to preparation and research, and this guide conveniently and efficiently helps you land your dream job. I recommend it to all of my clients, colleagues, and friends."

Nathan Perez

Co-author, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

"There are many components to a job search, and Land Your Dream Job hits all of them. An excellent A-to-Z guide from self-evaluation to job interviewing to choosing a career path, this has something for everyone—and everything for someone who doesn’t know where to begin. Start here!"

Aubrie De Clerck

Principal, Coaching for Clarity

"This guide is much more than the search mantras you find online. Find out why this is a go-to resource for anyone looking for work in Portland."

Russell Terry, PhD


"I wish I could send a copy of this guide to my younger self: it explains everything I needed to know!"

About Mac Prichard

As the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, I've been connecting people to rewarding work for decades. I write regular job search advice articles for Mac’s List, host a weekly podcast, Find Your Dream Job, and am the author of two books: Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) and Land Your Dream Job Anywhere.


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