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“ This course gave me the motivation needed to work on my goals to create my dream life. Natasha gives tools you can implement right now. Thank you for reminding us we are limitless beings who can accomplish anything we put our minds to. "


Jasmine Hicks  -    Education & Outreach Senior Training Specialist 





Hi, I'm

Natasha Ickes-Saman

Since we are talking manifestation check out some of the cool things I manifested :


  • Owner of Shear Passion Salon since 2012
  • Award Winning & Best Selling Author
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Contributing Author for the Hudson Weekly & LA Tribune
  • Awarded by the CA Senate for my work in the community
  • Wife, mom, survivor

Sometimes I am amazed by the things I have accomplished, because there were times where I couldn't imagine a happy future. I overcame abandonment, depression and low self-esteem as a child- which led to my first suicide attempt at 9 years old.


By 16 I was a homeless, addicted, high school dropout. At 17 I survived a suicide attempt which left me hospitalized. I spent the better part of my earlier years angry, lost and unhappy.


But at 19 I figured it out. How to claim my joy, take responsibility for my circumstances and most importantly to create the life of my dreams.


The tools and strategies I am sharing with you are what have helped me accomplish so many goals and dreams over the last 20 years. They are simple enough for a child to understand and profound enough to use for a lifetime. Thank you for being here.