Fairfax Pilates invites you to try our Signature Welcome Program

The 6-Week Pilates Body

From Pain... to Potential

Kickstart your wellness journey with 6-weeks of dedicated support to help maximize results!

*For a limited time just $299!

How our Signature Program Works

Private Pilates

2 Private Pilates lessons

✓Comprehensive health history

✓Postural evaluation

✓Learn how to setup your reformer

✓Learn modifications that matter for your body

✓Get comfortable in our studio.

Reformer Class

10 Reformer Classes

✓Experience different teaching styles and meet our amazing members.

✓ Choose Reformer, Tower, Athletic or Equipment Fusion formats.

✓ Get great, full-body workouts.

✓In 10 sessions feel a difference in your body!

Weekly Nutrition Coaching

✓Goal setting

✓Learn how to navigate nutrition labels

✓Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach


✓Meal planning and recipes if desired.

Ready for your Pilates Body?

Not ready to pull the trigger?  No worries, learn more about Fairfax Pilates.

What our Members Say About Us!


"The expertise and professionalism by Brittany and her staff has been a game changer for my overall wellness. I had been practicing pilates for 6 years by the time I found them. The instructors are incredibly supportive, tailoring each session to my specific needs and goals. I’ve experienced remarkable improvement in my strength and flexibility. Their dedication to promoting holistic well-being is evident in every class."


~LindaJean Matthews


"I am new to pilates and have a number of joint issues so I was very hesitant to try something new. After research about different studios in the area I chose Fairfax Pilates and it was definitely the right place for me. They were welcoming and very caring right from the start. I already feel better and am more confident than I have been in a long time. Brittany and Mandy have been wonderful to work with and always find an alternate exercise for me to try if I am unable to do anything. They have been encouraging and kind. I am so very happy I joined the Fairfax Pilates family."


~Dianne Dunne

"Love Fairfax Pilates! Small classes and teachers that really know your strengths and weaknesses."
~Sara Dunn (Pictured 3rd from right at her Pilates birthday celebration hosted at Fairfax Pilates)

"As a 56 year old male carrying more weight than I’d like and more comfortable in an old in an old school gym, I still feel right at home here. The instructors understand my needs are different and are able to provide a training session that is exactly what I need at that time. My mobility and flexibility have improved significantly, greatly improving my quality of life. The place is exceptionally clean and sterilized frequently. I find Pilates maybe does more for my mental state as it does for my physical. Highly recommend Pilates in general and Fairfax Pilates specifically."


~David Hughes


10381 Main Street

Fairfax, VA 22030




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