Learn how to lose weight fast, and keep it off.

Ideal Protein is an easy to follow, ketogenic weight loss protocol. It is comprised of three phases to ensure that your body loses fat, not muscle, and keeps it  off long term. Our certified coaches are here to support you along the way!

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How Does It Work?


Phase 1:

Weight Loss

Food is your weight loss ally (not your enemy) with our delicious, satisfying eating plan. You'll lose weight steadily and safely.

Phase 2:


When you reach your weight goal, you'll discover your unique Macro Code, personalized to you—it's your guide to better eating for life.


Phase 3:


You'll navigate eating in the real world, using your Macro Code to maintain your weight for the long fun while you enjoy the foods you love.

The Science Behind the Program

The Protocol is quite simple and easy to follow. Watch the brief video to learn how it works!

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About Us

Ideal Protein Fairfax is located INSIDE Fairfax Pilates at Victorian Square. We are an authorized, independent weight loss clinic with Ideal Protein. Each of our coaches values the importance of taking care of our bodies through nutrition dense meals and proper exercise.

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