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  • improve safety
  • reduce environmental hazards

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Better processes for better care.  
We developed a medical device fixture that remanufactured two devices at a time. This minimized cycle times and maximized precision, control, and raw materials. We helped our customer speed up their production, allowing for a more strategic use of human capital.


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Safety First 

With an increase in labor shortages, maximizing employee resources is top of mind for most manufacturing facilities. Part of this is ensuring the safety of our workers. In 2021, there were more than 380,000 reported cases of workplace injury in manufacturing. 


When our customer approached us to design a machine that would prevent repetitive stress injuries in operators, we saw an opportunity to make an impact in the workplace safety space. The carton erector machine that we designed increased output, reduced cycle times to 16 seconds per carton and most importantly relieved that repetitive stress on their workers. 


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About Pipeline

At Pipeline, the drive to create—to reach into the void and transform a shapeless concept into a physical reality—is the most thrilling thing we do. This drive to create is what led to the organization of Pipeline Design & Engineering.