Version 2.0 has arrived.

Centralized demand channel management, built to scale

Ocra enables parking operators to manage rates, inventory, blackouts, & reporting for all of their customer demand channels, all in one place.

Future-proofed solutions for parking operators.

In response to overwhelming demand, the Ocra team introduces a full bottom-up rebuild of its centralized management platform for parking operators.


Built using the most advanced tech stack, Version 2.0 is free of tech debt, flexible, and modular from the ground up.


Let's put 2.0 to work for you. 

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One platform for all of your tasks.


Universal Inventory


Pool inventory across infinite channels without the risk of overselling.


Blackout Control


Instantly turn locations and products on and off, individually or in bulk.


One-Click Rate Management


Configure rates across all customer demand channels with just one click.


Centralized Reporting


Get instantaneous real-time reporting that includes every demand channel.


Advanced Permissioning


Customize user access down to the location level and set read & write permissions.


Unlimited Users


Add users at no extra cost. As your program grows, Ocra grows along with you.