Warning: A Bad "Free Gift"

Destroys Your Sales Funnels!

Use this rubric to objectively determine how effective the free gifts in your sales funnels actually are. Your ad dollars will thank you.

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Score your free gift across seven critical dimensions so you can identify opportunities to improve.

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Working with and being exposed to literally hundreds of free gifts from different funnels means these 7 questions are holistic and empirical towards the success of your free gift.

Results Driven

Our scoring system empowers immediate action towards patching any holes in your free gift so that it can actually drive the sales conversation.

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This Effectiveness Rubric is perfect for:


Small businesses that use anything for free in their marketing funnels; this is a powerful self-assessment to guide improvements.


Agencies and consultants because you can use this tool to help your own clients, no royalties or any silliness like that!


Marketing leaders/managers who want to do a comparison of their different funnels.


Marketing professionals who want to build a case for a particular idea.


Students of marketing who want to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this right for me?

Since you are seeing this page, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. If you offer anything for free in any of your marketing funnels, definitely yes. 100%

Can this help any industry?

Yes. The questions/dimensions are probing into empirical and fundamental concepts that extend into any industry or niche.

I have really bad funnel performance, can this help?

That's the idea. This rubric will help you see gaps in your free gift's strategy. The hope is that you'll be able to adjust your free gift to get a better score, which should help your funnel in general.