How a Toxic Relationship Affects Mental Health, And What To Do About It

A Free Online Training With Anne Hellgren

June 14th at 1.00 pm BST

Not sure whether or not your relationship is benefiting your life?

Do you often question your relationship or feel fundamentally unhappy with it?


Perhaps you feel your relationship has become toxic or abusive, constantly having to walk on eggshells around them.


Perhaps your relationship is making you feel depressed, anxious, powerless.


Or perhaps you don't even know whether or not the relationship is toxic, but you know something doesn't feel right.




But you feel stuck.


You constantly wonder why you are here, letting your boundaries be crossed time and time again.


And you convince yourself day after day that things will change.




Sadly, these are common occurrences in many relationships.


Often times it just takes clarity about your relationship so you can finally take

the necessary steps which will allow you to start feeling empowered and joyful again.


Which is exactly what I have helped many people do before.


I believe everyone deserves to be in a trauma free relationship where their boundaries are respected

and they don't doubt whether or not their partner is right for them.


But sadly this is not something that comes naturally to most.


For this reason, I have created this free live training to help people struggling with mental health caused

by toxic relationships.




In this training I am going to teach you how to identify toxic behaviors

in your relationship and what to do about them so you can finally get the love you deserve.


I will uncover the harsh truths about what toxic relationships look like,

how they affect your mental health and other areas of your life, and most importantly,

what you can do about it. After this training you will

know how you can start feeling empowered again, get the love you deserve, maintain boundaries,

and attract people you are deserving of.


All of this is refined specifically for people who have been struggling 

with mental and emotional health due to their current relationship and are finally ready to live to their fullest potential. 


Not only will I be teaching all of this on the training, I have also decided to include a Free Relationship 

Assessment Tool which will help you identify areas you may need to work on

so you can start to attract and maintain the kind of relationships you desire.


Sign Up For The Free Training

The free training will be held on June 14th at 1.00 pm BST


Once you sign up for the training you will be emailed all the necessary information needed to attend the training.


See you soon!


Here's What You'll Learn

•How to identify a toxic relationship and what they look like


•How toxic relationships affect your mental health and other areas of your life


•What you can do about a toxic relationship


•Answers to any other questions in our Q&A session


•An opportunity to unlock access to my exclusive group coaching community



In addition you will also get a Free Relationship Assessment Tool!


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About Anne

Hi there!

I am Anne, the Founder of Anne Hellgren Coaching, Relationship Expert and Internationally Certified Coach, Board Member and podcast host. I have a passion for empowering people in their relationships so they attract and maintain passionate, loving and joyful relationships!


In my past, I unfortunately made decisions about my partners based on limiting beliefs about myself, which lead to a series of unhealthy, dysfunctional and abusive relationships. I’m proud to say that I’m very far from that person I used to be.


Through my own life experiences, which include a contentious divorce, I combined my background in a BSc Counselling Psychology, MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Time- Line Therapy practices to create my Relationship Empowerment Programs.


I now have confidence in myself at a level I never thought possible! I also have clarity about what I REALLY want and need in a relationship. Just as importantly, I now also know how to take control of my choices and make decisions that are giving me a happy, healthy and financially rewarding relationship.


I decided that if I could go through all that I did and still come out stronger and more empowered than ever, than so could others. I wanted to change peoples’ lives by helping them not make decisions about their relationships based on bad decision-making strategies, limiting beliefs or lack of self-clarity.

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