Virtual TJEd Depth Simulation

Leadership Education Applied

TJEd Depth Simulation

I looked around, wondering if it was even possible. 


Is society too far gone? Is freedom lost? 


I hoped I could do something. I wanted to be able to do something. 

And that has made all the difference. 


I have found many, many like-minded people in a similar situation. 


For those who love freedom and the U.S. Constitution,
it seems like a daunting task to get involved and actually produce desired results.  


Wandering aimlessly through this wilderness—feeling alone—we tend to burn out, check out, and throw in the towel. 





When we have a guide, a community, and an understanding of how the application actually works, then we are able to habitually participate in maintaining and promoting freedom. 


When we have invested the time and energy to learn the principles of freedom and to link arms with other concerned citizens, then we set ourselves up to become impactful Founders of freedom in the 21st Century! 


Simulations are a key component to honing our knowledge, showing us our gaps, connecting us with others, and teaching us the process of applying solutions to real problems. Plus, they are loads of fun, incredibly inspiring, and highly educational. 



This will be the only simulation like this and there are only a limited number of spots available. So don't miss out!

Take this step in becoming a Statesman or Stateswoman right now. 


Simulation Details & What To Expect

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The Simulation will run from October 9th at 5pm MTN until October 13th at 5pm MTN.

Plan on at least 2 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evening. And any additional committee meetings, research, writing, and editing you may volunteer to do. 

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The simulation will be hosted virtually through Microsoft Teams. Access and tutorials will be available shortly after enrollment.

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Once you reserve your seat for the simulation you will be sent a confirmation email and given access to the TJEd Learning Portal with everything you need to be ready to roll.


Troubleshoot: Check your spam and other folders if you don't see anything within a few minutes. 

You Have Been Commissioned...

You have been specially invited to a closed door Constitutional Thinktank. Your official commission and instructions will be released early in the morning on the 9th.


There are a few general details that can be revealed publicly: 

You will be tasked with taking a hard look at the United States Constitution and submit a proposal by 5pm MTN on Friday 13th. 

Meet Your Host & Mentor




Ian Cox has been mentoring, tutoring, and simulating for nearly 15 years. 


As an avid reader, thinker, and discusser of the great ideas, he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of freedom for all, especially his grandchildren. 


He is known for his depth of understanding in forms of government, his optimistic and inspirational mentoring style, and his ability to bring leaders together in order to unleash them on the world! For good, light, and progress that is. 


Ian is a dedicated family (of 5 kids now!) and community man. He expects great things from those around him, while being patient and understanding of the individual journey each must take. 

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Likely Simulation Side Effects


Master Research


Put Your Knowledge to the Test


Explore Innovative Solutions


Safely Experiment with a Guide and friends, a Simulated Situation


Connect With a Freedom Tribe


Gain Invaluable Wisdom & Experience

Leadership Education Applied

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