Space is limited to a small heart-centered group of 20 people


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The Highest Version of Yourself Awaits You



Waking up without an alarm, in the middle of sheets so soft they’re caressing your skin. Your entire body feels relaxed – perhaps for the first time in months.


As you come back to your senses, you take in a deep breath of the crisp, mountain air.


You leave your cozy room to have your first soak of the day in "The Waters" followed by an inviting refreshing morning yoga class (free to JOY LIFT guests) and your first meal of the day – a colorful, healthy breakfast, fresh, organic, locally sourced food whenever possible (so good, you could eat it every day!).

The sun is shining, so you decide to sip your fresh green juice, morning coffee or tea as you relax poolside.


The spacious, soothing movement and TranscenDance studio space is your new sanctuary… where you get to know more about your true self and sink deeper into your soul.


You’re surrounded by amazing souls – some you may have just met, but feel like you’ve known them for decades…


And between the powerful life-transformation retreat activities, you melt onto the massage table as you treat yourself to a relaxing massage…

As you become even more connected to your intuition, you embody unapologetic confidence and freedom on a whole new level.


This may sound like just a dream – but this is the opportunity of a lifetime if you want to take it…


It’s a chance to join me for a 3-day retreat to come back into alignment and rejuvenate in the mystical San Luis Valley of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa and Resort in Moffat, Colorado.


If you’re ready to leave stress behind and go on a magical journey of personal growth, you’re invited to our wonderful first annual wellness retreat…

This Retreat Is for You If…

You feel you are meant for MORE

You’re ready to THRIVE in all areas of your life

You crave a sense of balance – mind, body and soul all working in harmony

You’d love to hit your inner “reset” button

You’re tired of the “hustle” and you want to create from flow instead

You’re looking to reconnect with your inner essence

You long to feel empowered and grounded in your body

You feel called to tune into your intuition and purpose

You’d love to take some time away from the fast-paced daily routine and focus on YOU


You want to feel renewed, refreshed and restored


You are ready for a big breakthrough and you know you want help and mentorship to create it

The Joy Lift Transformational Retreat is a 3 day wellness & personal growth adventure in one of the most beautiful, peaceful & restful places on the planet.


At this retreat, you’ll step into nature surrounded by the mystical presence of the San Luis Valley of Colorado to awaken to your deepest truth, connect to your source of personal power and transform your life.


And you’ll nurture your body-temple with healthy food, plus the delicious movement and expression of TranscenDance™.


While connecting with other loving heart-centered souls who will share in uplifting your spirit.


Discover the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and the San Luis Valley while relaxing in the healing waters of the Joyful Journey Hot Springs.


Let out a big sigh of relief – here you’ll flow, relax, rest, and recharge fully!


Springtime in the Rockies

Pamper Yourself at This All Inclusive Retreat

This incredible adventure is an all-inclusive experience – once you’re here, you’re fully taken care of.


From the moment you walk in the front door of Joyful Journey Hot Springs, you’ll feel free to disconnect from the outside world and focus only on your own nourishment, joy and relaxation!


(Keep reading to discover what a day in a Colorado paradise actually looks like ;)

Your All Inclusive Retreat Includes*:


2 Nights in a cozy comfortable lodge in the Mystical San Luis Valley (double occupancy)


3 Days surrounded by the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Range of the Colorado Rockies

5 Healthy delicious locally sourced, organic, home-cooked meals during your stay


8 am Yoga class (free to JOY LIFT guests)

Transformational Curriculum with Janet Langmeier, your heart-centered retreat leader


TranscenDance™ - Let the Movement Set You Free


Meditation - Listening to Your Authentic Self


Walking the Labyrinth - Reflection in Nature

Carefree relaxation soaking in "The Waters" of Joyful Journey Hot Springs


Fun & connection with a community of amazing, heart-centered people


Tips for your housekeeping staff and kitchen staff are included in your retreat package


Access to a soothing spa treatments*

Fun-fun-fun! And more…

*Airfare & transportation to and from the hotel are not included.

*Spa treatments with Joyful Journey are not included.




It’s Not Just a Retreat...

It’s Where Your Soul Comes Alive!

Not all retreats are created equal – most of them are fun, but it takes a unique mix of elements to give you the transformational experience you crave.


I found out the key components that spark lasting change – and I make sure to incorporate them ALL. This soul-awakening experience is no exception. It includes...


An experienced coach and transformational guide
A powerful setting in the mystical San Luis Valley of Colorado

A life-changing curriculum
An amazing group of heart-centered people

And a lot of Fun!


Discover what makes

The Joy Lift Transformational Retreat

such a powerful experience below…

Meet Janet Langmeier

Your Personal Transformational Guide


Your leader for JOY LIFT Transformational Retreat is best selling author, speaker, retreat guide, and Transformational Life Coach, Janet Langmeier.


For 40 plus years Janet Langmeier has been a dedicated Spiritual Explorer studying transformational principles. A Certified Dream Builder Coach® and  Life Mastery™ Consultant, and Certified TranscenDance™ Facilitator, Janet blends spiritual principles with practical real-world application in her coaching and teaching.


Throughout her career, Janet has helped people to successfully transform their lives in the areas of career, education, relationships, spirituality, body image, and health. No stranger to the work of transformation, Janet's ongoing journey to full spectrum abundant living is the driving passion behind her desire to coach and help others. Janet's workshops, coaching programs, and retreats help people break through limitations achieving greater results than they've known before.


Co-author of four books, Short, Sweet & Sacred: Uplifting Stories from Life Coaches Who Overcame and Moved from Stuck to Success, Hold My Crown: Women of Grit Share Stories of Resilience, both Amazon #1 Best Sellers, and, coming soon, Happiness Matters and The Badass Within.


“If you are looking for a powerful spiritual mentor, transformational coach,

and fierce believer in your goals and dreams 

Janet Langmeier is at the top of my list of highest recommendations! 

She brings decades of experience and expertise in transformational spiritual 

success principles, business savvy, and the mind-body-spirit connection. 

If you’re looking to take your whole life to the next level, working with Janet will help you get there.”


Jennifer Joy Jimenez

~ Founder, Brave Thinking Institute™ Health & Wellbeing Division

~ Creator, TranscenDance™ 

The Mystic San Luis Valley and Joyful Journey Hot Springs

The San Luis Valley is the largest alpine valley in the world. A spiritual, intriguing land offering a sense of peace amid epic 100-mile views and sand dunes circled by soaring peaks, the valley is peppered with the legacy of American Indian, Hispanic, and European settlers and explorers, steeped in history and ripe with folklore.


Joyful Journey is a sanctuary, a community, and a retreat, where people from all walks of life come to experience its soothing waters – to heal and find peace from the stress of their daily lives. As owner/guardian of these sacred waters since 1999, my intent is to allow our mineral hot springs’ healing water and therapies to awaken the hearts and uplift the spirits of all who come, so that they might experience the amazing benefits these waters provide.  ~ Elaine, Owner, Joyful Journey

Naturally super-heated by the earth’s active geothermal and hydrothermal activity, Joyful Journey is one of the few places on earth with natural hot mineral water that does not have the sulfur odor that is often found in many hot mineral springs. Our mineral waters are piped directly from private artesian springs at Joyful Journey.


The pools are tempered between 98°F to 108°F. For centuries, the Native Americans, the Spanish explorers and early settlers took refuge at what is now Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa. Whether for therapy or a respite from a harsh winter climate, these early visitors placed great value on the unique healing qualities of this water.

The Native Americans referred to these elements simply as “The Waters” and established its source as a place of peace, where all tribes were welcome, leaving all differences behind as they came to this sanctuary to heal. The local elders tell stories of how the tribes would put down their weapons when they came together at The Waters. The Waters have always been a place of peace.

Transformational Curriculum


Discover how to tune into the wisdom of your body-mind-spirit through movement


Learn about the body’s energy centers (chakras) to unlock deeper transformation than ever before.


You’ll find out how to use these energy centers as a compass to catalyze meaningful shifts into your life.


Clear inner blocks and release what is no longer serving you by clearing your energy field


Empower yourself with the tools to bring yourself to balance and manifest a life you love…


And embody the joy, wellness, and vibrant health you long for.

High Energy, passionate about helping you, caring about you as a person, amazing insight,

and personal growth beyond what you thought was possible! 

That is my experience of coaching with Janet Langmeier. 


Janet doesn’t pay lip service. She will call you on things, be honest with you, and challenge you to really dig deep into your thoughts, actions, and dreams. She is positive, reassuring, and genuine. 


I am living right now, in my life, what we worked on during my coaching program!


- Elizabeth Seldanik, Denver, CO

One thing I can say about coaching with Janet is that she keeps all thing real. She helped me reframe my perspective, set realistic goals and holds me accountable. We see the big picture while we walk through all the small pieces together.


In coaching with Janet, she has a gift for bringing structure. She has helped me, in what felt like a totally chaotic situation, so I could see purpose and clarity. She has shown me how to add light to all situations, giving them meaning, and creating a plan! Coaching with Janet is immensely positive in my ability to deal with my life.


 - Sara Jackson, Hudson, WI

Amazing Heart-Centered People


Feel Supported Every Step of Your Journey


There’s nothing like the support of a soul-centered community to allow change to flourish in your life – the combined energy of a group will potentiate your capacity to access breakthroughs!


Inside this retreat you’ll encounter an intimate group of 20 amazing people (just like the wonderful souls in the picture) who will be there right by your side while you grow, expand your consciousness and awaken your inner voice.


You can trust you will be held in a safe space for vulnerability, sharing life experiences and voicing your truth…


And just as important – they’ll make you laugh, play and stay fully present in the moment.


That’s the magic of soul connections!

Janet is invested in you 100% all in from day one!  I found her to be a gentle soul, like your inner BFF that you've always wanted to be able to talk to about everything. She is a walking talking Dear Diary and she listened and guided me toward discovering my best self.


Psst. Janet has a superpower, it is her GIGANTIC big heart!


- Tia Ronningen, Minneapolis, MN

My experience of Janet is that she is a wise coach and mentor who sees the light in you and helps you believe in your own dream. She helps me stay on the path of focusing on the future - and taking action to realize that future state.


I have increased gratitude in my life since working with her. It has brought me peace and certainty, and who doesn’t need more of those things?


Dewi Bornt, Maplewood, MN


3 Days to Awaken to a Renewed YOU

When you join The Joy Lift TranscenDance™ Transformational Retreat, you will…


  • Leave feeling empowered and confident in your own skin.
  • Repattern unhealthy habits keeping you stuck and clear the way to your success.
  • Love yourself more profoundly and appreciate your body, mind and soul.
  • Easily access your inner wisdom – feel guided every step of the way by your intuition.
  • Tap into your own personal power and achieve your goals from a place of flow.
  • Unleash your divine radiance & inner knowing – awaken a deeper sense of pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life.
  • Feel rejuvenated, energized and genuinely alive.
  • Ground yourself in your body and embrace the wisdom of your body temple.

Stay in a Sanctuary for the Soul

Welcome to Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, located in the northern gateway to the beautiful mystic San Luis Valley. We invite you to join us at our peaceful spa for a relaxing retreat. Enlighten your senses with our rejuvenating waters, relaxing massage therapies and magnificent views of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range of the Colorado Rockies.

Joyful Journey offers a variety of accommodations, ranging from our comfortable Hotel Rooms with private bathrooms and aspen-wood furniture, to our native Tipis, or all-season Yurts.

Here, you are surrounded by the expansive vistas of the mystic San Luis Valley in the cradle of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. It is an ideal setting for restoring balance in body and mind, reconnecting to soul, self, and nature.


This is the ideal place for the type of beautiful, sacred work you will immerse yourself in...Decompress inside Joyful Journey's tranquil facilities.


Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in the San Luis Valley and return home completely rejuvenated like never before.

The Joyful Journey waters are geothermically fed, rising up from the earth at 140° then tempered down to 98-108° to three different pools.


Staff monitors the pools hourly to maintain listed temperatures.


The pools are emptied, cleaned, and refilled each night. No chlorine. No chemicals.

Continuing to honor the Native American tradition, the waters and the surrounding land are a sanctuary of healing and peace for all to enjoy.

The Schedule

Once you arrive at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs facilities, you’ll be fully guided with a schedule that includes personal development deep-dives, community-building, fun and free time for yourself.


That means creating the meaningful transformation you desire in your life…


AND melting your stress away in the magnificent Colorado sunshine.


Unlike other retreats that pack the schedule with no time to rest, we purposefully left you plenty of free time to BE spontaneous, relax in the hot springs, walk the Labyrinth, and have FUN.


Your days are designed to bring you insight, motivation, and personalized guidance to spark breakthroughs – without losing the relaxed pace of a holiday.


The average temperature in Moffat, Colorado in June for a typical day ranges from a high of 79°F (26°C) and a low of 45°F (7°C).

It is best to dress in layers for Colorado weather. Often cool in the mornings and evenings and warm during the day.

DAY 1 

4:00 - 5:00 pm       Arrival at Joyful Journey and Check in to Retreat

5:30 - 7:00 pm       Dinner

7:30 - 9:30 pm       Opening Circle & Setting Intention

                               Embodiment Exercise: Sensing Ancestral Imprints

                               Introduction to TranscenDance™ 


DAY 2  

7:00 - 9:30 am       Breakfast and Free Time

8:00 - 9:00 am       Morning Yoga (optional)

10:00 - 12:00 pm   Morning Session

                              Beyond Limiting Beliefs

                              Embodiment Exercise: Chakra Assessment

                              Full TranscenDance™ Session


12:00 - 5:30 pm     Lunch and Free Time


5:30 - 7:00 pm       Dinner

7:30 - 9:30 pm       Evening Session

                              Embodiment Exercise: Weaving the Thread of Healing

                              Witnessing Transformation

                              Star Gazing Meditation

                              Circle of Love 


DAY 3  

7:00 - 9:00 am       Breakfast and Free Time (check out by 11:00 am)

8:00 - 9:00 am       Morning Yoga (optional)

9:30 - 11:00 am     Gratitude TranscenDance™, Closing Circle & Good Byes


Take This Time for Yourself (For Once!)

To Rest, Play and Feel Renewed

This retreat is for a small group of 20 amazing, heart-centered, growth-oriented people. (she/he/they)


We purposefully keep the group small and intimate, so that we’re able to give personalized attention to the you who are willing to stretch, have fun, play, explore, laugh and show up in support of each other.


This means that space is very limited and we will sell out!


If you feel a deep desire for more, there’s a spot with your name on it!


There’s a reason why you’re seeing this right now…


You can make it work. Open yourself to the possibility that’s right in front of you – and trust that the universe will always support you stepping into your power. Register now.


You deserve this!



Rooms are Double Occupancy
Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. Check-out is 11:00 a.m.

Meals are prepared for you from fresh, local, and organic ingredients

Breakfast served 7:00 am to 10:00a.m.

Saturday lunch time will be announced
Dinner served from 5:30 pm to 8:00p.m.


Kitchen and Housekeeping staff tips are also included in your retreat package.

Lean into the Transformational Curriculum with Janet as she leads you to get in touch with and express your authentic self.


TranscenDance™ is not only great for your body, it is great for your soul. Listen to your body as it calls you to the freedom of no right way and no wrong way to move.


Invite yourself into the moments of meditation and soul connection in the Sacred Circle during the retreat.


Be open... as there will be moments of Surprise and Delight!

Enjoy a morning soak in "The Waters: at 7:30 am

Join in the 8 am morning Yoga class free to JOY LIFT guests

The pools are available beginning at 10:00a.m on the day of arrival through 8:00p.m. on the day of departure.

Towels for soaking are provided
Lodge rooms include robes


8 Rooms - Double Occupancy/2 Queen Beds 

2 King Rooms - Double Occupancy

I King Suite with a pull out bed - Double Occupancy


All Inclusive Retreat pricing is based on double occupancy. (Designate a roommate when you register.)


Airfare & transportation to and from Joyful Journey Hot Springs are not included.

Spa treatments are not included.

DIA (Denver International Airport)

8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249


Distance from DIA to Joyful Journey Hot Springs:

3 hr 49 min (226.2 mi) via US-285 W

Colorado Springs Airport

7770 Milton E Proby Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80916


Distance from Colorado Springs Airport to Joyful Journey Hot Springs:

2 hr 41 min (137.2 mi) via US-50 W


JOY LIFT Transformational All Inclusive Retreat

with Janet Langmeier




Retreat begins at dinner Friday, June 9, 2023 through closing circle after morning breakfast Sunday, June 11, 2023


Regular Price for JOY LIFT All Inclusive Retreat after November 1, 2022: $799*   


(Early Bird ends November 1, 2022 12:01 am Mtn)


Due At Time of Registratration:

  • 50% Down Payment
  • Designate Room Mate (Room Mate must also Register)
  • Indicate room preference (Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. Check-out is 11:00 a.m.)

    8 - Lodge Rooms of Double Occupancy/2 Queen Beds 

    2 - King Lodge Rooms - Double Occupancy

    1 - King Lodge Suite with a pull out bed - Double Occupancy


Final payment due by February 9, 2023


Take Advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL 



*If notice of cancellation is received by Phoenix Soaring Intl 31 to 60 days prior to the date of the scheduled date of the event, Phoenix Soaring Intl is entitled to retain a 25% cancellation fee on all funds received by Phoenix Soaring Intl. However, accommodations may still be adjusted through this time period. If notice of cancellation is received 30 days or less prior to the date of the event, Phoenix Soaring Intl shall be entitled to retain 100% of all funds received. 



I attended one of Janet's Dream Builder workshops and was blown away! Janet is a fantastic leader and a deeply motivational speaker. I felt a definite shift after attending her workshop. Everything I witnessed and experienced during the weekend was indicative of genuine, top-tier coaching.


-Natalie Justinien, Patch Grove, WI

I attended one of Janet's magnificent visioning workshops and it kickstarted my whole year to another level!


- Russell Dennis, Aurora, CO

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