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Means of Increasing Strength of the Punch

Classic Research Paper by Filimonov and colleagues

Free Research Paper Reveals...

A fighter's upper body is the weakest contributor to your punching power!


This paper shows:

  • Effective punching requires coordination of arms, trunk, and legs.
  • The lower body, especially the leg musculature, is the biggest contributor to punching power.
  • Knockout artists, boxers with many KO wins, rely more on leg strength compared to other boxing styles.
  • Among elite boxers, the legs contribute 38.5% of punch force. For intermediate and novice boxers, the legs contribute less - 32.2% and 16.5% respectively.
  • Developing leg strength is critical for boxers to maximize punching power and impact.
  • Coaching should emphasize lower body training as well as technique to engage the legs and core for the most powerful punches.
  • Novice boxers need to build leg strength to increase their punching force as they progress in skill.
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