Special Event!

The #1 Most Modifiable Risk Factor

for Preventing Dementia

Presentation Begins:

Wednesday, June 12th at 10 am

(Check-in at 9:30am)



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Join Dr. Sarah Chapman

on June 12th

Educational Event at

Harbor Lakes Golf Club

#1 Most Modifiable Risk

Factor for Preventing


Sarah Chapman Au.D.

Dr. Chapman has studied closely with Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, the only Harvard and M.I.T. trained Neuroscientist practicing audiology in America and the Amazon Best Selling Author of "Stop Living In Isolation", "Preventing Decline" and "Silenced: The Medical Treatment of Tinnitus."

Who This Event Is For:

  • If You Are Over 50
  • You Struggle to Hear In Noise Places
  • You Use Hearing Aids & Are Frustrated
  • Your Partners Has Hearing Loss and You Want to Support Them Better

  • You're Looking For Real World Tips to Stay Active
  • You're Retired & Occasionally Forgetful
  • You're Searching For Answers on How To Live Successfully with Hearing Loss
  • You Need Help With Ringing In Your Ears "Tinnitus"
  • You Feel Misunderstood
  • You Feel Hopeless with Your Hearing Loss

Free Gift For All Attendees!

Silenced. The Medical Treatment  of Tinnitus

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