Masterclass: Parents of 9th-11th Graders: What You Should Know About College Planning

Join us for an enlightening masterclass with Shellee Howard, CEO of College Ready, as she interviews Tracie, the founder of Active Family Magazine. As a mother whose twin daughters are seniors in high school and clients of College Ready, Tracie brings a unique perspective to the college admissions journey. This session is a must-attend for middle and high school students and their parents who aspire to make informed and strategic decisions towards a debt-free college education.

In this Masterclass, You Will Discover:

- Early Planning Insights: Tracie shares the pivotal lessons she wishes she knew when her daughters were in 9th to 11th grade. Learn the importance of early planning and how it can set the foundation for college admissions success.

- Strategies for Success: Understand the strategies that make a difference in preparing for college, from academic planning to extracurricular involvement. Discover how to build a strong profile that colleges can't overlook.