I believe in Empowering, Enriching, and Elevating the lives of heart-centered, self-motivated,  women, and a few good men, speakers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs, through the darkness of making money, shredding their taxes, and transforming their lives to Financial Happiness by stepping into the power of who they were born to be: Bad-Ass CEO's.  From ideas on napkins, to multi-seven figure companies, with just a fraction in taxes.

Most Small Business Owners won't start a business because they are afraid.


Some Small Business Owners are doing their best, but continue to find the same results: Over Paying Taxes. 


Many Small Business Owners are doing their best to do it "right," but find themselves overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted from trying to figure out how to maximize their tax savings.

Imagine what it would be like to no longer be afraid to make a profit and know that you are taking full advantage of legal tax deductions?


Ever wonder what it would feel like if you could experience your business on a whole new level, with new found ways that lead to greater results; more happiness, and of course, more money!


Picture it, feeling at ease, no longer worried about tax law, breathing easier because you have a tax professional working together with you, to empower, elevate, and enrich your life, as a bad-ass CEO...  

For the past 19 Years, Jonathan Bengel, EA has helped to shine the light to financial happiness to countless business owners. 


He has helped to legally save over a BILLION dollars for his clients, year-after-year, and has helped his clients to acheive financial happiness through greater profits, and reducing their tax rates to their "fair share." 


As a graduate with a Bachelours in Business Accounting, a Master's in Secondary, Education, and a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Instutite, Jonathan has utilized his Federally Authorized Desgiantion by the Internal Revenue Service, as an Enrolled Agent, to unlock, uncover, and reveal the truth about you and your business taxes.

Don't take Our word for it; Hear what the Ladensack Family had to say about us saving them $500,000 utilizing proven tax strategies!

Are you ready to step into what's possible?

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Jonathan Bengel Provides Customized Packages

Advisory Services

  • Business Consulting
  • Group or Individualized Business Coaching
  • Access to Small Business Financial Happiness Blueprint
  • Unlimted Tax Answers to Tax Questions

Tax Compliance

Year End:

  • Business Income Tax Preparation (S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Partnerships, LLC Filings)
  • Personal Income Tax Preparation (Includes State Filing, Itemized Deductions, and rental properties)


  • Estimated Tax Payment Calculations
  • Estimated Tax Projections


  • Payroll Review
  • Sales Tax Filings

Tax Road Map

A personalized tax plan built on your goals, dreams, and realities of your business and personal life.


A detailed outline of steps and strategies you will implament to create massive tax cuts in your tax life such as legally shfting income, expenses, tapping into tax credits, and tax free-income strategies.


Average Tax Savings for companies earning $80,000 In Gross Revenue: 

$20,000 Tax Savings


Average Tax Savings for companies earning $150-200K in Gross Revenue: 

$40,000 Tax Savings


Average Tax Savings for companies earning $300k >  in Gross Revenue: 

$100K> Tax Savings

Accounting & Bookkeeping Compliance


  • Income & Expense Tracking
  • Financial Statement Readiness and Preparation
    • Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet


  • Financial Compliation for Income Tax Returns

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