Calling all dreamers, creatives, and emerging intuitive healers!


Are you ready to dream a new world into being using shamanic energy medicine

Reduce mental blockages, develop your intuitive and creative abilities, silence negative self-talk, 

and attain the deep inner peace you’ve been craving

so that you can start creating the life you’ve been dreaming of! 






Butterfly Bootcamp

a Mentoring and Training Program in Shamanic Artistry



In Butterfly Bootcamp you will: 

  • Learn how to tap into your inherent intuitive abilities to heal yourself from the inside out.
  • Develop your creative practice to deepen your artistic expression
  • Take on the process of understanding, on a physical level - how your body responds to food, breath work, and meditation so you can build a strong foundation that supports you every single day, giving you the energy to focus on the people and projects you love.
  • Identify your positive and negative sides (shadow aspects) and learn how to navigate their influence (shadow work) so you can pinpoint past triggers and stop projecting your issues onto others. You will find that interpersonal conflicts begin to dissipate in your life.
  • Find your calm center from which to make important decisions, so you can live your life with certainty and confidence
  • Release deep wounds and deal with the energetic blockages that keep you from living your best life.  You’ll begin to feel lighter and more empowered.
  • Learn how to turn your dreams into reality. Stop making excuses and start living your dreams right now!

Butterfly Bootcamp is a 6 month online transformational shamanic energy medicine training program for cultivating holistic well-being and developing your creative potential so you can achieve deep inner peace, have the energy to pursue your passions, be a healer in your community, and turn your dreams into reality.


  • Intrigued by how energy medicine works?
  • Looking to deepen your already existing practice of meditation, reiki, or other healing practice?
  • Seeking deep healing techniques you can use on yourself and others?
  • Fed up with pharma being the “go-to” of Western medicine?
  • Dreaming of a better life but can’t seem to get going on it?
  • Craving meaningful transformation?

I get it. I have been there, feeling like there was something more than the official structures were offering me and not knowing how to achieve the life I dreamed about.  At first I thought I wasn't capable of these techniques, techniques that seemed like magic when others would use them on me. 


Well, here's the thing.  They are magic.  And we all have the capacity to develop these latent gifts and talents.  I'm here to help you uncover what your hidden talents are for deep healing and creative transformation. 




I’d like you to imagine what will be possible when you:

  • Are no longer triggered by other people’s negative thought patterns so you can step into your own confidence and power
  • Wake up every day with gratitude in your heart so you can cultivate the abundance that accompanies gratitude
  • Reclaim your creative spirit so you can be a life-affirming force of nature
  • Reignite the spark for your passions so you can stop putting your dreams off until tomorrow 

You would be unstoppable, wouldn’t you? You could spread your wings and fly!


I created Butterfly Bootcamp for those who are ready to go on their own healing journey and need to see a path forward. When you join me in this program, you’ll have something I didn’t have, but needed: a guide! And I will be more than a guide, I will be your energy medicine practitioner - with you every step of the way, giving you the support you need to transform!




It all begins with my mantra, which will become your mantra:

“I have the power to advocate for my own well-being.” 



Easy monthly payments

12 Easy Payments of $450

BETA launch: 6 Easy payments of $475



One easy payment of $4700

Save $850!

BETA launch: One easy payment of $2750


Butterfly Bootcamp begins October 1, 2023

Why you'll love it:

Combines a variety of healing practices: 

  • A nutritional foundation
  • Breath work
  • Shamanic healing
  • Ritual and ceremony
  • De-colonial strategies 
  • Shadow work
  • Dream work
  • Strategies for deepening your creative practice

Step-by-step guidance:

  • Prerecorded video lessons that you watch on your own time
  • 1 live weekly support group coaching call
  • Once a month 1:1 customized healing sessions designed to be the support for the video modules (6 months/6 sessions total)
  • Additional 1:1 sessions with guest shamans
  • Regular feedback and guidance on the extension activities for deepening your healing
  • Support for reinventing your relationship to food
  • Training in shamanic energy medicine in the tradition of the Four Winds Society


  • Shamanic healing can be done remotely via Zoom.
  • Lessons can be completed on your own time.
  • Healing sessions can be booked during nights and weekends, if needed.
  • Space is limited so that customized attention can be given to each person.


  • Being in a community with other people seeking deep healing helps create a sacred and supportive container for the work.
  • Receive support and be supported by others going through their own transformations.
  • Connect with fellow like-minded people who are building a better world for themselves and their communities.

The Curriculum


Module 1: Foundations Part 1

You will 

  • Reset the downward spiral via a shamanic decoupling session to reset your fight or flight system so you can begin your journey with a clear mind
  • Focus on assembling your team of healthcare providers who support your personal healing goals
  • Receive a shamanic illumination and chakra balancing to clear energetic blockages keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Learn the basics of energy medicine, chakras, and sacred archetypes.
  • Learn how to make your own sacred spirit water (agua florida). 
  • Learn how to conduct a fire ceremony. 
  • Learn how to open sacred space to establish and hold a sacred container for this work. 
  • Decolonize your mind so you can stop living according to externally imposed norms and start living according to your own internal compass.

Module 2: Foundations Part 2

You will 

  • Learn the basics of breath work, meditation and energy work so you have a strong foundation for inner peace
  • Learn a variety of creative practices for developing your creativity: in writing, drawing, movement, and vocal expression. 
  • Give yourself a nutritional reboot for holistic well-being and feel the difference in your body!
  • Receive a shamanic healing session to set your intention for a healthy physical body so you can cultivate right relationship with food and the natural world
  • Receive one additional shamanic healing session customized to your needs 
  • Receive the Rites of the South in the tradition of the Four Winds Society. The Bands of Power and Protection, The Seer's Rite, The Harmony Rite, and the Healer Rite. 
  • Learn how to adopt the Four Insights of the South: non-judgment, non-attachment. non-suffering, and walking the beauty way. 

Module 3: Working with the Psyche

You will 

  • Learn how to access the wisdom of your dreams  
  • Explore your shadow aspects so you can stop projecting onto other people
  • Learn how to release the karma from three past lives.
  • Learn how to prepare for death by clearing karma in this lifetime. 
  • Learn the wisdom teaching of the west: fearlessness, non-doing, certainty, and non-engagement. 
  • Learn how to track at the four levels of perception for yourself or others: physical, emotional, mythic map, and energetic. 
  • Learn to conduct an energy extraction. 
  • Receive a dream tarot session
  • Receive one additional shamanic healing session customized to your needs 

Module 4: Release the Past Part 1

You will

  • Honor your ancestors so that they don't haunt you
  • Conduct an ancestral constellation to receive lessons and wisdom from your ancestors
  • Learn how to conduct a surrogate death rite for someone who has recently passed to ensure their soul reaches healing spaces.
  • Learn how to conduct a despacho for healing of the earth, self, and community. 
  • Learn how to cut energetic cords binding you to other people or entities in your life. 

Module 5: Release the Past Part 2

You will

  • Clear generational curses so that you do not have to live out the karmic patterns of your family line  
  • Release childhood trauma so you can embrace the strengths and gifts from those wounds
  • Learn the three wisdom teachings of the north: mastery of time, invisibility, and the ability to keep a secret.
  • Learn the four practices of the north: beginner's mind, living consequently, transparency, and integrity. 
  • Receive a shamanic soul retrieval so you can recover your lost soul parts that may have been lost due to trauma
  • Receive one additional shamanic healing session customized to your needs.
  • Receive the Wisdomkeeper's Rite and the Earthkeeper's Rite. 
  • Learn how to navigate the chambers of the lower world and conduct a soul retrieval. 
  • Conduct a powerful huaca ceremony based in the indigenous alchemy of the quero shamans of South America

Module 6: Rewrite your story

You will

  • Learn how to write your own mythology so you can stop living the scripts we inherited
  • Use strategies from the field of critical autoethnography to deepen your decolonial praxis. 
  • Learn to transform your struggles into a mythic hero's journey. 
  • Learn to create poetry, music, dance and/or visual art from your shamanic healing.
  • Receive a shamanic destiny retrieval so you can have guidance as you choose your next steps on your healing journey
  • Receive one additional shamanic healing session customized to your needs
  • Celebrate your successes and start living your best life! 


Bonus #1: Free Access to the online course "How to heal yourself from the inside out"

  • Understand the basic foundation of responsible holistic healing practices
  • $97 value

BONUS #2: Access to the online course in introductory shamanism, "Lessons from the Medicine Wheel with Laurelann Porter"

  • Experience the healing journey of the Medicine Wheel 
  • Learn essential skills for self-healing
  • $500 Value

Bonus #3: Access to the online course "Creative Grieving"

  • Learn how to use creativity to process grief and be at peace with the losses you've experienced. 
  • Develop meditative and creative practices for ongoing well-being for yourself and your community
  • $297 value

Here's everything that's included when you sign up for Butterfly Bootcamp

  • 6 Shamanic Healing Sessions - $1200 Value
  • Personalized, step-by-step guidance and weekly group coaching calls - $3500 Value
  • Coaching and support for your own nutritional reboot - $300 Value
  • A deeper understanding of how to access the wisdom of your psyche - Worth YEARS of therapy!
  • A reinvention of your relationship to your past (ancestors, childhood trauma, etc.)  - Priceless

Total Value so far: $5,000



  • Access to Creative Grieving - $297 Value
  • Access to Lessons from the Medicine Wheel  - $500 Value
  • Access to How to heal yourself from the inside out - $97 value

Total value with bonuses: Almost $6,000! 


Your Price: $5,894 

Only $4,700!


For BETA launch, your discount is even deeper:

You pay only $2750! (Offer good only for BETA test October 2023 launch)



Please keep in mind that Laurelann Porter is not a licensed therapist or medical doctor. Any program such as this should be done in consultation with your team of healthcare professionals. Because this program is customized to the needs of each individual, results will vary from person to person.


Meet your guide

Your friendly neighborhood shaman!


Hi! I'm Laurelann Porter, and after 20 years of teaching in a variety of settings, I found that the most meaningful experiences came from exchanges outside of the formal classroom. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I had a mental and physical health crisis. I began to ask myself what I was teaching and why? 

I felt as if the structures in which I was working were asking me to be little more than a language cop. I decided I am not interested in policing people’s language. I was grateful for the tools I had developed in my academic career, but I knew that I was meant for something different. 

I realized that my favorite part of teaching was advising students and having the conversations with them about where they wanted to go in life. My new passion is using the skills I learned as a teacher to help people heal and transform. 


  • 20+ years of teaching experience, both online and in-person, to business people, teenagers, and university students
  • 20+ years of tarot reading for intuitive guidance
  • Doctoral research in critical autoethnography
  • Training in Energy Medicine from the Four Winds Society
  • Training in Dream Tending from the Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Training in Integral Deep Listening with Joseph Dillard
  • An academic research profile specializing in Afro-Brazillian performance epistemologies (understanding how the sacred practices of rhythm and dance contribute to cultural and embodied knowledge) 
  • My deep commitment to helping others decolonize their minds
  • Living, breathing proof that you can take charge of your life and start living it on your own terms


I had the courage to quit my comfortable full-time job as a professor at a university and sell my car to pay for training to become an energy medicine practitioner because I knew I had to take radical action to prioritize my well-being. Now I want to help you take your courageous leap. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to this work, will this be too intense for me?  

The good news is shamanic energy medicine is a consent-based practice. I consult Spirit to find out what you need for your highest good today. If at any time, you have a hesitation, it is good to express what you are feeling so that we can work through any doubts. For deep healing to occur, you will likely face discomfort and pain. As you move through these processes, painful memories can be alchemized into lessons and gifts.


I’ve been doing reiki/yoga/meditation/mindfulness practices for a long time, will this be too basic for me? 

The beauty of this work is that I get to meet you where you are. I have been told that my energy is very powerful and I have found that those who already have a sensitivity to the flow of energy often receive the most profound and immediate results. Essentially, I can be a healer for healers. 



What will the time commitment be on a weekly basis?  

Each week there will be online lessons which will take 1-3 hours per week to view. The weekly group call will be limited to 90 minutes. Shamanic healing sessions will will last 60 to 90 minutes per session. Additional homework will likely occupy 2-3 hours (outside of class). 

The integration of the healing takes time and this work should not be done too quickly. You may find that in the week after a session, you experience epiphanies, emotional releases and other insights about how to embrace your newer, healthier perspective, and you will want to be journaling and otherwise being very aware - but still, this program can be completed with no more than 10 hours weekly.  


Do I have to become a vegetarian for this to work?


Not necessarily. A major component of Butterfly Bootcamp is the Nutritional Reboot. The foundation for this reboot is the guiding principle of “right relationship with the natural world” - for many people, this does mean giving up meat. What we do in this program is to take on a process of finding out how our bodies react to different foods we consume. 

You will be invited to spend 6 weeks without the most common food allergens in order to cleanse your body, so that you can then reintroduce foods of your choice with a mindful awareness of how your body responds to the fuel you are providing. Each person will discover what foods work for them, in my experience the worst substances are sugar, wheat products, and dairy. For others, the worst offenders might be meat, coffee, or alcohol. The most important thing is to eat high quality, organic, locally produced, plant-based foods.



What can energy medicine do for me?  

Energy medicine can help you identify and release blockages (emotional and/or energetic). Energy medicine can help you achieve mental clarity and with that mental clarity comes greater inner peace. Energy medicine can help you identify and focus on your life purpose and help you to create the conditions in which well-being can occur. It can give you the energetic support for making healthy changes in your life.  

What can energy medicine not do for me?

Energy medicine is not a magic pill, it does not cure disease, it can however address the core woundings that often result in unwellness. The work of healing is not something I do for you, it is something you do for yourself. What I offer is energetic support and the amplification of your intentions. Energy medicine can not help you if you are not willing to face uncomfortable truths about your past, your perspective, and your beliefs. 


What if I don’t remember my dreams, can I still participate in the program? 

Yes, absolutely. There are ways to cultivate your relationship to your dreams. There are other ways to tap into the wisdom of your psyche. I use a combination of strategies from dream tending, integral deep listening, creative writing prompts, and visual journaling to help you recognize and integrate messages from your higher self. 



Easy monthly payments

12 Easy Payments of $450

BETA launch: 6 Easy payments of $475



One easy payment of $4700

Save $850!

BETA launch: One easy payment of $2750