Join us for the In-Depth Analysis of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) FY 2025 expiring contracts and FY 2025 budget requests with unique data compiled for Industry not available anywhere but at this event including:

  • We'll cover 1,596 Expiring Contracts/Orders.
  • All Expiring FY 2025 contracts/orders at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).
  • All NIH Expiring FY 2025 NIH IT contracts/orders (NAICS codes 5415xx and 518210).
  • 611 NIH IT Actions in NAICS 5415xx totaling $2,378,363,867
  • Review of the NCI and NHLBI Budget Estimates
  • 985 Actions at NCI and NHLBI totaling $1,886,938,074.18
  • 597 Set-Asides


Join us, Brian Hebbel and Ed Wilgus as they take a deep-dive into NIH expiring contracts/orders and budget requests for FY 2025 to gain insight into what the data means to contractors targeting NIH.


The presentation will save you hundreds of hours compiling data. We have the data you won't see anywhere. We've spent weeks organizing it in a meaningful format, so you won’t have to!

The Presentation Includes - 2 Topics in 1 Event!

NIH Expiring Contract Analysis

  • A look at the contractor landscape at NIH’s NCI, NHLBI and all of NIH IT contracts.
  • Which NIH’s NCI & NHLBI contracting vehicles have the most expiring contracts.
  • Buying Patterns of NIH contract offices for NCI & NHLBI down to the individual contracting officer(s) for the expiring contracts.
  • Breakdown of the 8(a) Expiring Contracts and Contractor exit dates
  • Details on NIH NCI, NHLBI and IT contractors with the most expiring contracts.
  • Which NCI, NHLBI and IT expiring contracts had the most and least amount of competition.
  • Which IDIQ and GSAs vehicles are likely to be used the most in FY 2025.
  • What conclusions does the FY 2025 award data provide?


NCI and NHLBI Justification of Estimates (JOE) / FY 2025 NCI and NHLBI Budget Information

  • This event will provide the biggest takeaways from NCI’s and NHLBI’s budget request for fiscal year 2025 which starts October 1st.
  • Learn about the budget levels, spending increases, and spending decreases planned for NCI and NHLBI in 2025.
  • Ensure your current NCI and NHLBI contracts, pipeline, proposals and client meetings are shaped by the Agency’s strategic priorities.

We’re doing the analysis for you with an inside perspective from a former NIH contracting officials. We have great data and insight!

Attendees will receive the PowerPoint slides of data and the spreadsheet created to compile the data. As a added bonus, you’ll receive a spreadsheet of all NIH contract awards made since 2019. Two spreadsheet and one PowerPoint packed with information to target NIH in FY 2025 and beyond.

--> Bring your questions to be answered!

Can't attend live, no worries. The presentation will be recorded!


All participants will receive a copy of the presentation slides and access to the recording.

**Any government officials that would like to attend, please contact Shelley McGuire at for registration**

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The Presenters

Brian Hebbel was a former CMS Office of Acquisition and Grants Management (OAGM) Group Director with 28 years of service in CMS/OAGM prior to his retirement in 2017. Together, they will provide data you won’t see anywhere, including Bloomberg and/or Deltek's GOVWIN IQ.

Brian is a federal procurement expert, consultant, author and trainer. Through his 38 years of Government contracting expertise, he has provided expert advice and guidance to Government officials and contractors alike. He has 34 years of federal contracting experience. He was a Senior Acquisition Official (Group Director) at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of Acquisition and Grants Management. He provided oversight to three contracting divisions awarding $1,500,000,000 in contract awards in FY 2017.


Ed Wilgus is a former contracting officer at different federal agencies including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is currently considered a federal procurement Subject Matter Expert (SME) with over 40 years of federal procurement experience. Mr. Wilgus held a Level III FAC-C certification with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWAI). He is an instructor/trainer of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and of the federal procurement process. He has recently written and published a book titled, Federal Acquisition Regulations Made Easy: A Quick Guide to the FAR for Contracting Officers and Federal Contractors.


Shelley McGuire focuses her energy and passion on bringing the government contracting community together on various topics to educate and help bridge the gap between industry and government officials, often with a component that includes the social responsibility of giving back. Shelley has always enjoyed assisting others, especially small businesses, and connecting the dots by way of holding social events around the MD, DC and VA area for the last 10 years. She takes great pride in knowing her social connections, while far and wide, are only six degrees or less of separation from each other.