HHS & CMS Online Happy Hour (Cover image for National Wine & Cheese Day)

In coordination with this month's sponsor, AGT, please join us for the virtual HHS & CMS Industry Happy Hour event via live video to give our colleagues the opportunity to connect screen to screen with one another, exchange ideas and have fun! Bring your own drink!


Introduction by Host/Organizer: Shelley McGuire

Sponsor Spotlight: Imran Siddiqui, CEO, Alliance Global Tech

Anita Allen will also provide HHS updates!

Attendees will be broken out into virtual groups / "rooms" via the meeting platform where they can all see each other.

These groups will consist of approximately 6 to 8 people (depending on how many people attend the event) and they will network and exchange ideas with each other for about 10 minutes. Each member of the group will briefly introduce themselves and then it's open dialogue for the remainder of the time.

After 10 minutes, the organizer will switch your room. Depending on the size of the group, we will make more rooms available.


This month we'll be celebrating National Wine and Cheese Day!!!

You will receive an email prior to the event with the Zoom link!


Want to sponsor next month? Email me!


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Alliance Global Tech Inc. has the tools and smarts to help its clients to figure out what is best for. Our team uses a system to make a plan best fits to fulfil requirements.

Alliance Global Tech Inc. always available to help with advance tools and techniques in either way like handling data, getting client’s business running smoothly, and fixing any technical issue.

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