Aren’t you ready to stop working for your Instagram feed and start making it work for you?

You are worthy of creating the business of your dreams.

My two-day ‘Keys to the Vault’ retreat gives you the hands-on experience and education you need to make it happen.


June 2nd & 3rd Scottsdale AZ


Welcome to Keys to the Vault


Consider this your personal invitation to a life-changing event that will literally transform your business in the best way. My experienced coaches and I will help you uncover the right mindset about marketing, unlock clarity regarding your value and unravel every nuance about your target customer and their journey.


You’ll even go home with a social media calendar filled with enough reusable content to last a full year.  *cue the happy tears of relief*

I hear about it all the time… driven women who absolutely love their work but HATE having to constantly figure out how to market it on Instagram. It doesn’t ever have to be like this for you again.

I’m excited to share the real-life stories from other women just like you who have turned their entire business around by participating in my past retreats.


Seeing them succeed is so rewarding and one of the big reasons I love what I do. If you are short on time, though, feel free to jump ahead to learn about the experience that you’ll have when you join us at the ‘Keys to the Vault’ Instagram marketing retreat.

Does this sound familiar?


You struggle to consistently create new and engaging content for your business.


You feel overwhelmed by the pressure to constantly come up with new ideas.


You are unsure of how to measure the success of your content marketing efforts.


You have a strong desire to serve your audience, but struggle to define your unique value proposition and showcase it in your content.


You're frustrated because you've tried to create content, but it just doesn't seem to get the results you want.

Yes, It Really Works

This is what past attendees had to say

"It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my business"


I was honestly so nervous and questioned why I even signed up in the first place. My life is constant chaos, and I had a million and a half month end goals I left unfinished when I left for the retreat.


Once I got there I decided to pour my time into being present. Lean in. I gained better insight, clarity and direction that is really invaluable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

"I was shocked at how important they made me feel"


I knew I was going to love this retreat, but I didn't know how much LOVE I'd feel.


This retreat gave me exactly what I needed to breakthrough insecurities and doubts that have been keeping me small, it helped propel my business into the next level and I found a community of sisters who will forever cheer me on in my business.

"It helped me channel all the awesome power I knew I had"


I am ready to hit the pavement running at home. It made my heart flutter again when thinking about making content for my business and it was definitely a weekend I will never forget!

Don't be discouraged


You and I both know that you have something unique and magical to offer the world...


...if only the right people could see it. It’s not a secret that Instagram is one of the best ways to market what you have to offer and engage with those who need it most.


Unfortunately, it is far too often an overwhelming mess to try to figure out what to post, how to create it, and how often to put it out there. There are a lot of “solutions'' advertised that only give you part of a strategy.


You could go around sticking on these Band-Aids and never really find a cure. Maybe you’ve tried taking classes about algorithms, using post-scheduling apps, posting polls or giveaways, paying for content that ends up being far too generic, and the list goes on.


Nothing you’ve tried has really made a substantial difference. And not for lack of trying. Sometimes it feels like you can devote hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to Instagram without seeing any of the benefits. It can be very discouraging.

This isn't your typical retreat


Perhaps you’ve been to a business conference before that promised to give you all the components you needed. You left with high hopes and a sparkle in your eye but within a few weeks, you were still confused about what needed to happen and how to do it.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the camaraderie and the energy of a great business conference, but they lack that personal touch and at the end of the day, they lack a detailed and custom road map that you can implement.


It’s like getting a bag of puzzle pieces with no picture to look at and being told, "Good luck!"


That is not Keys to the Vault.


Keys to the Vault


Sign up now to make sure you get a seat.

Best Deal of the Year


Before Black Friday Bonus


I know Black Friday can be a busy time, going out and getting the best deals of gifts for others.


So, before that craziness starts, I want you to get the best deal for yourself. I am giving you $200 of your ticket to Keys to the Vault! You just need to buy before Black Friday.


As an added bonus, I am going to throw in my entire webinar replay bundle!

Who do I talk to?

Nail Your Niche
($199 Value)


  • Gain an understanding of your ideal customer who has a pain point that you can solve
  • Understand the content that will resonate with our new audience and help them see you as the subject matter expert
  • We'll do a series of structures exercises to make sure you have education that is actionable
  • Learn from other just like you with our panel of guests who share how they came to nail their niche and the impact it had on their social

What do I say?

Crack the Code on Captions

($199 Value)


  • Make your message clear and easy to understand
  • Create attention grabbing hooks that get people to stop scrolling
  • Craft your message in a way that appeals to your audience and the algorithm
  • Create the calls to action that get your followers motivated to forge ahead

How do I grow?

Zero to 2k in 30 Days

($149 Value)


  • Use the exact same strategy I used to grow my Instagram account from zero followers to two thousand in just 30 days
  • Get the Reels checklist you need to use to for each post to give it the best chance to be seen
  • Leverage Carousel Posts to hook readers into an easy to create story
  • Transform your Stories into a networking vehicle to deliver expanded reach for your posts

When do I do all this?

Rock Your Reels

($199 Value)


  • Batch your content creation so you have a bank of Reels ready to post
  • Create trending content on the fly by matching what is hot with the solutions you provide
  • Understand how to connect your Reels to your niche
  • Develop a clear-cut strategy that will get you on the follow list

Over $746 Worth of Value!!!

This event sells out every time we have it. We intentionally limit the number of attendees to make sure you get the care and attention you deserve.


Plus, you'll be able to create a close-knit bond with the other businesses owners like you in an intimate setting that is designed to bring down barriers and allow you to get real.

We have a whole team to help you

Lacey Sanders


"Her greatest expertise comes in the strategic sales and marketing of products"


Lacey is the founder and CEO of LMS Sales and Consulting Inc. which began in January of 2015 and which focuses on client's revenue growth and wholesale Amazon representation.


She acquired a cosmetic ecommerce brand in 2019 and personal care brand in 2020.


She loves spending time with her husband and 5 young daughters, running, baking anything sweet, Netflix dates, chips and homemade salsa and playing/coaching basketball.

Andrea Lowe


"She considers it an honor and a joy to coach"


As a certified Enneagram coach, Andrea has a passion to help create environments where every person feels seen, valued and heard.


She uses her past experiences as a classroom teacher and nonprofit leader to provide development trainings to leaders across the country.


Andrea considers it an honor and a joy to coach at the Keys to the VAULT retreat where her focus is on helping attendees find clarity in their messaging to reach their ideal clients.


Andrea lives in CO and enjoys spending time with her family, reading and growing her plant collection.

Lindsay Rizzo


"Her true gift of empathy transforms into empowerment"


Lindsay is a dedicated top performer in Sales within the Medical Industry. However when she in not working in Corporate America you will find her pursing her passion of facilitating Leadership and Mindset skillsets to other women who want to BE more without doing more.


Her true gift of empathy transforms into empowerment and is what drives her to help so many women see themselves bigger and worthy.


Lindsay lives in Texas with her husband Joe. They celebrate 18 years of marriage this year and have three children they love supporting and adoring while also having a lot of FUN along the way.

You’ve seen others who are constantly reaping the benefits of a strong Instagram presence and it seems like you’re watching some kind of magician on a stage.

“How did they do that?” you think to yourself.

“I’m sure if I spend a few hours a day, I could have content like that too, but when will I find the time for that?” you wonder.

It just seems so unattainable.


Then, of course, that self-doubt comes into play. (BTW who invited the Mean Girl?)

“You’re wasting your time on something that is never going to work,” says your inner voice.


You start feeling the pressure to prove to yourself and everyone else that you have something great to give. It can be such a nightmare to keep putting yourself out there, but you know that you could change someone’s world with what you’ve got.


A dream like that is worth going all in for.


Trust me, I get it! I’ve been there too. Unlike that magician on the stage, though, I have no problem revealing my secrets. I’ve found success and now I want to share it with all the women entrepreneurs out there who are ready for a major transformation. And the best part?


You just have to learn to tap into YOU. You’ve already got what it takes. Over two days I’m simply handing over the keys so you can unlock it.



Here's What You'll Learn


Laying down the foundation


  • Overcoming Confusion & Unlocking Your Creative Superpower Masterclass ($299 value)
  • Deep Dive Niche Masterclass ($395 value)
  • Understanding Your Target Audience Workshop ($599 value)
  • Evergreen Content Bank Strategy Workshop ($299 value)
  • Personal Branding Strategy Session ($199 value)
  • Personal Branding Photoshoot ($345 value)


Planning your execution strategy


  • 300 Pieces of Content Mastermind ($995 value)
  • Reels Creation Masterclass ($399 value)
  • Canva Template & Design Workshop ($295 value)
  • Follow Up Action Plan ($199 value)


Your resources to make it happen


  • Canva Template Branding Package ($495 value)
    • 25 Professionally Designed Branding Color Palettes
    • 20 Graphic Post Templates
    • 15 Quote Templates
    • 10 Carousel Post Templates
    • 35 Story Templates
  • Full Color Content Map Poster ($49 value)
  • 20 Page Workbook ($75 value)

Over $4,600 Worth of Value!!!

Event Details


  • Friday, June 2nd - Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 | Scottsdale, Az
  • Daily instruction will be from 9am-6pm.
  • Lunch, snacks, and swag will be provided.

Students are responsible for their own nightly accommodations & transportation.


Step 1


Sign up below to save your seat for the retreat and block your calendar

Step 2


Show up on June 1st and you make a plan to succeed

Step 3


Implement your plan and see the business growth you have been trying to reach, but never could

Pricing available until May 1st


If you are wanting to come, now is the time to commit.

Register for as little as $275 down.

By completing registration student agrees to event Terms & Conditions



Price goes up in:


Can't Make it to Arizona?
We have a virtual offer that is happening even sooner!

Join us online for the Vault Virtual

March 27th - April 7th



  • 2 weeks of access to your Vault Virtual Cohort
  • 4 online masterclass sessions
  • Vault Method 40 page PDF workbook
  • Retreat breakout chats w/ Vault Coach for support between online sessions
  • Access to the entire CEO Society course and Premium Webinar Replay library during the retreat

MASTERMIND SCHEDULE (9am - 11am Pacific)

  • March 28th: Vision & Niche
  • March 30th: Understanding Your Audience
  • April 4th: Content Master Map
  • April 6th: Implementing Your Content Plan


  • Canva Template Branding Package ($495 value)
    • 25 Professionally Designed Branding Color Palettes
    • 20 Graphic Post Templates
    • 15 Quote Templates
    • 10 Carousel Post Templates
    • 35 Story Templates

This story is going to blow your mind


Shawna came to the Keys to the Vault Retreat wanting to grow her business, but unsure how to present her offer to her audience.


After 30 days of using the content strategy taught at the 2-day course, she increased her engagement by over 3,500% and her insights have been consistently in the positive week over week.


Did you read that right? You did. It’s not a typo. 3,500% increase in engagement. *Mind actually explodes* 🤯


Here is the proof:

I told you this retreat is life-changing! If you are getting eager to see what’s going to happen while you are there, go ahead and click through to the details.

You and Shawna are not that different. In fact, you are not that different from that one girl you know who has thousands of followers and has expanded her business in ways you (currently) only dream of. It all comes down to having a great road map.

Things simply stop being difficult when you figure out these key components:

Unlocking Your Own Creative Super Powers

Realizing the “How To” Of Content Creation

Knowing Your Target Customer Like Your BFF Since Elementary

Creating a Content Bank That Keeps Paying You Back 

Becoming a Personal Branding Boss


Having a Strong Identity and Niche


Six months from now, you will have wished
you were further along...



"There is something about gathering with women"


"Summer has put together an incredible team, that is perfectly balance in their masteries and personalities! They work well together, specialize in all different things, and know how to speak to the soul! You will feel uplifted, cheered on, encouraged, directed, and definitely given to straight! Summer is direct, and knows how to pack a punch full of value no matter what your niche is or what you’re there for. I can’t recommend this retreat enough."


- Keys to the Vault Attendee (Class of June 2022)


One thing that sets the ‘Keys to the Vault Retreat’ apart from other similar opportunities is that clarity and direction. You’ll find yourself joined with a small but dedicated group of women who are driven and know their purpose just like you.


You’ll be trained and directed for YOUR unique business by our experienced coaches. And when you leave, you’ll have a plan to follow, the know-how to do it, plus several completed steps to get you started on the right foot.

If you are ready to claim your seat for these hands-on workshops that we’ll be offering at the retreat, go ahead a click here to jump forward.


You are also welcomed to stick around and hear about another participant that has seen some big changes for her business.


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