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The Movement Paradigm® App

Because Whole-Body Health Should Be Accessible to Everyone




Discover a holistic approach to health with the Movement Paradigm® app, guided by Dr. Arianne Missimer. As an Institute of Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Dietitian, and Mindfulness Educator with over 25 years of transformative work, Dr. Missimer and her team are here to revolutionize your health journey.

Who Is This For?

For self-motivated men and women, especially those:

In Search of Clarity

Overwhelmed with conflicting health information? Crave clear, evidence-based direction away from fleeting health trends.

Who've Been Let Down

Tired of short-lived diets, ineffective fitness routines, or the maze of conventional treatments? We understand your frustration.

Seeking Ownership

Aim beyond temporary fixes. Understand, take charge of, and own your health journey with our expert guidance and tools.

Believing in Holistic Health

Recognize that genuine health is an orchestration of mind, body, nutrition, movement, and emotions.

Craving Community

Transform alongside a supportive community that uplifts, understands, and evolves with you.

The Movement Paradigm app isn't just another health tool; it's your beacon towards lasting health and vitality.

Features Designed to Catalyze Your Transformation

All-Access Pass

Enjoy unrestricted access to every program, ensuring a holistic health approach. As your goals evolve, so do your available resources, without any additional cost.

Direct Expert Connection

Bypass generic advice. Engage directly with Dr. Arianne Missimer and her team in LIVE Monthly Q and A's, tapping into over 25 years of experience. Get answers, insights, and guidance straight from an industry-leading expert.

Step-by-Step Programs

Follow structured courses designed to yield results, backed by scientific evidence and decades of field experience to help you reach your ong-term goals.

Community & Connection

Dive into interactive group chats, offering real-time support, camaraderie, and inspiration.

Guided Yet Flexible

Our structured, step-by-step modules ensure you’re never lost, while also offering the autonomy to carve your unique journey.

Challenges for Motivation

 Join monthly health challenges, igniting your motivation and keeping your journey fresh and invigorating.

  Your Dream Health Landscape Awaits...

Heal your body

Alleviate pain

Move better

Regulate your nervous system

Breathe better

Optimize your nutrition

Feel strong

Improve your resiliency

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Witness firsthand the transformative capacities of the Movement Paradigm® app. Commit only when you’re convinced of its life-altering potential.

With your subscription, get access to ALL of these programs ...

FREE Meditations

Vagus Nerve Hacks

Embodied Healing: Somatic Self-Release Techniques

Core and Pelvic Health

6-Week Home Program: Building Balance

6-Week Gym Program

Unlock the Secrets of Your Lymphatic System

Mobility Express: Unleash Freedom in 10 minutes a day

Daily Breath Practices


30-day Nervous System Harmony


“Arianne has made everything much more streamlined and accessible, I have always struggled with doing things on my own and gravitate to workout videos that are not necessarily the moves or style of workout I should be doing.  I thought I knew about nutrition but learned so much about protein during this course.”

- Theresa Grygo

I feel like I’m starting a brand new journey that feels healthier than ever because I have so many more tools in my tool belt from this program, including the importance of balance and grace. The knowledge, support, and guidance Dr. Arianne so eloquently and selflessly shares at every level of expertise is absolutely priceless.”

- Heidi Wise

“Amazing experience, able to move and do things I haven’t done in years, you don’t realize how reconditioned you are till you start this program!”

- Paul Kazanjian

“Easily one of the best investments I have ever made. Being more in touch with my nervous system and having groundwork to continue is priceless. I feel confident I can continue be more in tuned with body.”

- Leigh Janiec

I absolutely love this practice group and their app! It’s an amazing holistic mind and body approach to healing and improving. A lot of great content and user friendly. Nutrition, weights, movement, mindset, meditation, breath, has it all! Videos are short and easy to follow along, as are the descriptions. The community is welcoming and uplifting, You get even more support and information from the group chats and challenges offered. Their approach to a healthier you is unlike anything else.

- Jennifer Rawding

“The level of knowledge, instruction, support, and community offered during this challenge should be the gold standard for this type of challenge. My thoracic spine feels wonderful after completing the challenge (and I didn't know I had any issues there), my left hip had mild stiffness in it at times and I'm not noticing it at all now and the range of motion in both shoulders has improved.”

- Catherine Smith

Embark with Our 7-Day Free Trial

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