Welcome to the SuccessBrain ACCELERATOR™

You're a powerful creator.
You can't help it.
It's built into your hardwiring!

If something isn't happening, it means there are wires crossed.
Your connection to your power to create has been disconnected.

It's not your fault. It's the program that's running.
But it's your responsibility to upgrade the system!

Your built-in power is still there...always has been.
It's time to remember how to FLIP THE SWITCH.

Let's go wake it up.


Discover how to give those dreams of yours

the energy they need to manifest the life you desire-

abundant, passionate, engaged, and authentically YOU!




The truth is, life is always expanding and evolving.
So are your dreams.

What Else?

New Limits...or NO Limits?

Nothing Wrong. It's just Life...

You know life- with a capital 'L'- is calling you forward... because you're feeling that pull...some sense of discontent...

Discontent...dissatisfaction...doesn't mean you're not grateful for you what you've already achieved. It means that your spirit is ready for the next challenge; your soul knows that where there's abundance, there's always more abundance...and it doesn't mean 'taking' from anyone else.


No matter what you do, the student of life, and success, always goes to the edge of what's evident, and asks 'what else?'

'MORE' is just about leaning into the unknown...one step further than the edge of the known territory. What else is possible if you open your mind to the ever-evolving vision that's in your heart and mind? 




The same system of intelligence that's gotten you here is available to get you to the next place. That's how it works. What's being revealed to you is the next ring of your becoming...the next cycle of your soul's evolution.

Will you answer the call.? It's optional.

But you'll probably feel better when you open yourself to the movement that's calling...


There's one thing that you're being called to look at:

UNCONSCIOUS blocks that are causing you to limit yourself.
In order to optimize your results, you gotta clear them.
In a dependable, strategic, science-based way.

You KNOW you're READY to...


  • EXPERIENCE a more powerful version of your life
  • CLEAR OUT the root cause of the limitations you feel
  • CREATE even more extraordinary results, on purpose
  • TRAIN your brain to align with your vision- on autopilot
  • GET READY to manifest the next level of your Life!

Your brain is a super-computer!

But even the most powerful computer can't produce
the desired results without the up-to-date software.


Yes, you have a built-in 'Success Switch', & it's right there in your brain.

You just have to learn how to access it, and activate it!
When you do, those internal programs run perfectly.

You'll be astounded at just how fast you create the results you want.
It's almost like magic.
Except it isn't.

It's your brain doing what it's built to do...
which is to produce results
aligned with your programming.


You guessed it.


Welcome to the

'Success-Brain ACCELERATOR' ™

This year-long comprehensive program gives you all the personalized tools, resources and trainings you need to reprogram your brain to deliver your  new desired results- on autopilot- in as little as 67 Days!


Flip your inner Success Switch to 'install and update the programs' that will accelerate your results in any area of life you choose- your business, your relationships, your health, your time & money freedom.


It's up to you.


That area of life that confounds you? 

That 'thing' that's still tugging at you?

Like, 'What if there's more that's possible?!'


If you knew the universe would say YES,

what would you allow myself want?



Guess what?

The Universe is waiting for you to say YES!

And from that simple creative spark, the transformation begins. 


Does that sound a little 'woo'?


I get it.

The truth is, this process is deeply grounded in neuroscience-

using tested and proven strategies & processes that have been proven. 


We understand how the brain learns now, how it creates habits.

And we can apply this brain science, to create new results. 

It's that simple.


We just have to apply the science to our vision.


Like this:



8 core trainings on mastering brain-based manifestation skills: 


  • A Compelling Vision
      • DECIDE for that goal in detail, and develop- invest in- your love for it
  • Bridging the Gap
      • Accept that any limits are just unconscious blocks & rewire them
  • Self Integration
      • Uplevel your self-image to become the YOU that matches your dream
  • The Inner Narrative
      • Choose the stories you repeat, and your brain will produce those in your world
  • Resilience
      • When you learn to reframe setbacks, there IS no such thing as failure
  • Rewriting the Code
      • Align your internal 'hardware' & 'software' to communicate efficiently
  • Point of Power
      • When you get clear about your authentic power, you become unstoppable
  • Courageous Creation
      • Clarity and vision- with aligned & inspired action- creates magical results








(because that's the way the brain works!)


+ ​2 live coaching sessions PER WEEK with Tripp 

+ ​52 weekly 'Accelerator Mindset' practices- new each week 

+ ​Access to all session recordings (12 months of access) 

+ ​Access to a supportive private peer community (24/7 access) 

+ Personalized 1-on-1 sessions with Tripp- just you and me!

"The upper echelon of any service provider and...well...human being."

“Tripp has proven to me, and hundreds and hundreds of other clients and friends that his talents are many, his trustworthiness is without question and his ability to be flexible and discern the best possible option in any given situation simply place him in the upper echelon of any service provider and...well...human being.”


~ Charles West, Divine Spark Coaching


"Forever grateful!"

“I can not say enough about the abilities of Tripp Hanson as coach and guide. Tripp’s intuition and ability to support me to elicit my own wisdom created “aha” moments for me that made a profound impact on my personal and professional life. Nearly 10 years later, those epiphanies continue to guide me. I’m forever grateful!”

~ Abbie Cooper, Actress/Dancer

It's time to unleash your NEXT LEVEL of success!

Let's flip the switch on your SuccessBrain Accelerator!

Schedule a time to talk, and see if it's a good fit for you.


"If I Could Recommend You to MILLIONS, I would!"

~ Erika Nikiskina- Transformed Parenting Coach

"Hi Tripp, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for supporting, coaching, and holding a space for my tears, emotions, and thoughts throughout this year. I always knew that I am more on a deeper level, and with your guidance I felt safe and encouraged to explore that space. The space of creativity, mysticism, the inner world. Knowing that I am the 'Alchemist-Metal' artchtype opened a whole new world for me, and the way you guided me intuitively towards realizing my gifts led me to engage with my clients on a whole new level, get better results, and trust that the wisdom that I have within is enough, that I am enough. Forever grateful. Looking forward to our journey together in 2022!"


~ Erika Nikiskina- Transformed Parenting Coach

""...trustworthy, discreet, positive, and kind. I Can't Say Enough Good Things..."

“Tripp asked compelling questions that really helped me think about the choices I was making- not telling me what to do or how to do, but helping me to find the answers within and make my own choices. He is trustworthy, discreet, positive, and kind. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences of working with Tripp.”

~ Georga Osborne, Broadway Actress & Singer

"His compassion, wisdom and true care helped me walk a difficult path..."

"When Tripp came into my life I was unable to keep my equilibrium.  I needed to establish some new patterns, let go of some big fears and change my view of me.  Tripp helped me find my moorings and gain confidence. During my time working with Tripp I had some devastating  personal experiences and I can truly say that without him I would have buckled under the weight. His compassion,  wisdom and true care for me helped me walk a difficult path and not just survive it but grow and learn from it.  He has brought health and positive change to my life with his gentle strength and I'll always be grateful for our work together."


~ Ashley P. Gonzales, Actress/Singer/Mom


Ready to stop with the same old patterns...?!
Don't spend another WEEK- let alone another year- trying to figure out how to upgrade your results all by yourself.

(By the way...I do this work now because it changed my life so powerfully when I did it myself!)

Tripp Hanson

After spending 25 years as a Broadway and concert song and dance man, followed by another 15 years running a successful acupuncture practice in NYC, Tripp began to suspect that just being good at something didn't always turn into long-lasting success. The inner game seemed to continually return him to square one...feeling like all the effort had led him in a circle, back to his own self-limiting patterns. Something was missing.


His desire to 'crack the code' led him to a deep dive into brain science and neuro-plasticity, & combined with his knowledge of the mystical aspects of the Taoist underpinnings of Chinese medicine allowed him to finally put some puzzle pieces together. And now he's created the Mind Mastery Institute in order to guide his clients on this inner journey to identify and rewrite any internal limitations- the unconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs- and their associated entrenched emotional patterns, and lead them through a clear and straightforward process of clarifying their deepest desire- the vision for their lives, fully realized. He's created a clear, repeatable, dependable system for implementing the specific, brain-based processes and practices that allow them to design their results, on purpose.


Life by design, instead of by default! Kinda like magic. But…really, science.


All of that has been poured into the Mind Mastery Institute, where he helps service-based business owners and creative entrepreneurs identify and eliminate  the hyper-functioning, automatic overdrive of their learned & indoctrinated ‘struggle’ mindset…and design, install and integrate a brand new, custom-tailored ‘program’ directly into their brains- aka: a new neural network- that flips their brain’s Success Button from OFF to ON. 


For good!

"Your history- unless you reckon with it- will keep you circling, recreating the experiences and the results you’ve already had. Even if the results you've gotten are amazing. You continue to be called to an even more powerful vision- driven by an even bigger why, by your purpose and by your commitment to bring 'all that you are' to fruition-

and if you say YES will take you to your New Amazing Life."


"As soon as I began...things started to change..."


Before joining the "Success-Brain Accelerator"™, I had been working on a major writing project for several years, but it had begun to feel overwhelming. The lack of direction drained my energy, and though I wanted very much to complete the task, I was at a dead end.


When I discovered this program, I immediately thought it was something that could help me, and as soon as I began the lessons, things started to change. I was able to identify old patterns that had become obstacles, and with some simple basic practices, the shift began. Through this very accessible and reasoned approach, I could see movement almost immediately, and soon I was encountering all kinds of connections and resources I had never considered before. At this point, the book is flowing from my pen, and my creative energy is at an all time high.


It’s amazing how removing just a few obstacles can change the momentum entirely. Thank you, Tripp for taking something that seemed so complicated and helping find a clearer, shorter path to getting my creative work into the world.


~ Dave S., California

This isn't your basic 'life coaching' or 'mindset tactics 101'...
(not that there's anything wrong with those.)

SuccessBrain Accelerator™ is a science-backed brain training program. You'll learn very specific strategies and practices that will allow you to align your heart's deep desires with the power of your mind in order to break through whatever unconscious upper limits have been holding you back.


This training gets to the source of how to design & create what you know in your soul that you want.


You'll also learn to IMPLEMENT these strategies, and practice applying them

with guidance and supervision to make sure that you're getting the results you want!


And now you get to apply the same source-based trainings that has helped billionaires, Olympic athletes, Creatives in every field to take their lives- their performance, their art, their abundance, their connections- THEIR IMPACT- to the next level and beyond.


If you know you're ready for what's next...

You know you have even more ability, talent, capacity for manifestation in you...

You know you're ready to bring them OUT to share with the world...





This is for YOU.

And here's what you'll get with the SuccessBrain Accelerator™

Access to the Comprehensive Curriculum & Program


It's a beautiful combination of online modules and workbook

prompts and exercises that allow you to go at your own pace, linger in the areas 

of study that feel resonant and provocative to you, and dive deeply into 

the inner mechanisms that CAUSE this work to be so effective,

and in-person practical application, you get the best of both worlds: 

Education  + Application  =  Transformation

Without implementing what you're learning, it's just entertainment, right?


These specific science-backed trainings are designed to be effective

for any area of your life and work that you want to apply them to,

and to begin implementing immediately! 


I break down and share how you can master the process of communicating  

your conscious desires to your unconscious (subconscious) brain, which sets about 'automating' what you decide you want to create, instead of what history says is possible.

You will master a firm understanding of the function of the

different aspects of your brain and learn to apply the principles

and strategies needed to start shifting what your brain automates. 


This is how you'll create the extraordinary changes you want in your life!

Everything I teach you is guided by the principle that you already have

everything you need inside you. I don’t want you to be anyone else.


AND I don't want your old programming telling you that

who you've been is all you can be. 


That story can be re-written at any time,

once you know how to enter the 'programming'. 


Group Coaching Sessions


2x a week coaching sessions with me.


These weekly group calls are dedicated to YOU and your progress.
I help you create real action toward achieving your goals by helping you translate the intellectual information and turn it into clarity and action

so that you get to experience the transformation you're after!

This is where the magic happens- from theory to implementation.


Monthly Hot-seat Sessions


It’s not just about learning in the SuccessBrain Accelerator™ - I'm committed to supporting you to make real change. Our 'hot-seat' sessions allow you to put the skills you’re learning to the test in a supportive environment. I help you identify the patterns that are- often ever-so-subtly- keeping you in the spin cycle of old habitual thoughts and emotions, so that you can release them and create from a clean slate!


1-on-1 Sessions


Everyone in the program will have the opportunity to meet with me 1-on-1. This is a bonus offering to give you the opportunity to dive deeply into any particular areas you need more individual support for. By completing the pre-call assessment form, we'll be able to cover a great deal of ground to make sure you're getting everything you need to get the most out of our time together!

Membership In Our Private 'Aligned Mind' Community


You are not alone! This private community is filled with amazing people who are

on this journey with you and passionate about realizing their full potential.

We can all be a constant reminder that each of us has our

very own cheering section on our path to greatest selves.


The relationships you form in the community often last well past the program!

You'll build the elite, science-based brain skills 

combined with coherence of heart & mind

to create an extraordinary life!

Your Journey Begins with a Quick Conversation

The SuccessBrain Accelerator isn't for everyone...


The program is specially designed for:

  • Heart-centered artists, practitioners and entrepreneurs who are ready for a higher level of success in their career or business!


  • Creatives, in any endeavor, who know they have gifts that they're here to share, and are ready for the BIG  BREAKTHROUGH that will allow them to share in a bold, life-changing way!
  • Those that are tired of settling, living life according to others’ expectations and ready to live powerfully!


  • People who are ready to commit to their growth, who are coachable, and are ready to follow through on their promises to themselves and others!

If any of this sounds like YOU...


Maybe you're wondering...

How do I know if this is right for me?

How long before I see results?

The Success-Brain Accelerator™ is designed for those who are ready to stop procrastinating, to get off of the start-stop wheel, and learn to 'enter the operating system' and create the results they know they're capable of.

The program isn’t about remaking you into someone else but rather being the best, most authentic version of yourself. And that happens by getting really clear about what it is you deeply desire...and allowing yourself to take responsibility for allowing that to manifest in your life by doing the inner work to make those results possible without the hustle, the struggle and the push. Just getting your brain to do what it does naturally!

As long as you’re willing to commit to your success and take training and open feedback from expert coaches, this is exactly where you should be.

Even though you get access to the program & training for a full year (yes, you get me for that long!), members start to see HUGE progress, on average, in as few as 8 weeks.


Research has actually proven that results can be 'primed' into your brain in 67 days. That's just a little over 2 months to create some massive results.

Also, a big part of what makes this so potent is the magic combination of both the 1-to-1 and group interaction, the live q&a sessions, the hot-seats, as well as the environment that the private member community creates together. That level of high-touch guided implementation, plus refinement of the practices (implementation!) as you learn, along with some damn fine human connection for a little extra motivation is really hard to find elsewhere!

What makes 'Success-Brain Accelerator'™ different than other programs?

How much time do I have to put in to get the results I want?

The 'Success-Brain Accelerator'™ is rooted in brain science along with a deep understanding of how our conscious and unconscious minds interact.

I’ve studied, lived it, and taught it - so I know the power it has.

Information is great, but my coaching in this program is so proactive- it's unique to your vision and is designed  to support you in achieving your biggest goals & aspirations in life and work.

If that wasn’t enough, I support to you by providing a non-judgmental coaching process that will be a container for you to be accountable for what you want to achieve.

The 'Success-Brain Accelerator'™ isn’t just about learning something new, it’s about making real change at the source, and becoming who you want to be- manifesting any and all that you choose to manifest.

I totally get it, a lot of our members are professionals with demanding careers and family lives. This is also why the training is yours for an entire year!

Transformation does take time, energy and focus. So I recommend setting aside 3-5 hours a week, at least for the first few weeks, for you to make real progress. This program will stretch you- on purpose. What you want isn't in your comfort zone, or you'd already have it, right? Or as Einstein put it: '‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." The time and energy you put in here WILL change your consciousness.

And don’t worry about missing anything…I record all the coaching calls and make them available to you along with answering any questions in our online community. I also provide plug & play recordings that will accelerate your brain's transformation.

This flexibility allows even our busiest members to never miss out on all the growth opportunities provided in the program.

Ready to take your life to the next level?



Grab a spot on the calendar, and let's explore together whether

the 'Success-Brain Accelerator'™ program is right for you.



Still have questions?


Please feel free to email me here- I'm happy to help!

"Working with Tripp was a deep dive into both the WHAT and HOW..."


"'Wired to Win' with Tripp Hanson appeared at a pivotal moment for me.


Struggling to revise a manuscript for a new novel, there were habitual behaviors and negative beliefs that made me ineffective, and were often self-defeating.


It was clear that I needed to change. Working with Tripp was a deep dive into both the WHAT and HOW. The process was exhilarating, revealing, and challenging. But so rewarding!


Completing the manuscript was just the beginning. I now have the knowledge and tools to deal with all manner of challenges, conquer fears, bust bad habits, and achieve my goals. There is a way to hit the reset button. Start with 'Wired to Win'!"


~ Karen Engelmann, author of 'The Stockholm Octavo'

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