Discover the Insurance Composition of your Patient Base along with Patient Values

3. Schedule Your Complimentary Insurance Reveal™

Here's How it Works

~Schedule your complimentary Insurance Reveal™

~You'll then receive a quick form to complete that will allow me to gather your data

~I'll generate a custom report that reveals the insurance composition of your patient base along with patient values

~We'll then meet for your scheduled call to review your Insurance Reveal™ together

~You'll walk away knowing which insurance carriers have the most opportunity to generate more profits


I look forward to speaking with you soon!



"She is like my Yoda in high heels! Dentistry is too hard to do alone, so lucky to have her in my corner. Could not recommend more highly." ~ Dr. Joseph Denning

"Shelley is an amazing consultant in the field of dental office management. She is teaching us how to schedule effectively for better productivity and workflow. In return, it will improve the experience for everyone, dentist, staff members, and patients. I highly recommend." ~ Dr. Fei-Fei Huang