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This is your invitation to come and get a hands-on demo at the show of:
 - Broadcast production automation
 - ST 2110 workflow
 - Software-based production
 - Cost-effective AR/XR
 - LED displays with digital art


"FOR-A is at the forefront of IP technology innovation," said Satoshi Kanemura, President of FOR-A Corporation of America. "There are a range of developments on display NAB attendees may not expect from FOR-A. We've been in communication with our customers and become deeply aware of our broadcast customers' pain points. We will show solutions at NAB that will knock their socks off. Among them will be resource sharing software that simplifies integration at ST 2110 facilities and a flexible media-over-IP server that can be used in a wide range of applications. We're offering an extensive range of IP-based solutions. We can't wait until April 14th!"


Here’s a small taste of the forward-thinking solutions you’ll see:

• The flexible, software-defined IP solution, the FA-1616, an anything-in, anything-out multi-channel processor. Offering you ST 2110 and ST 2022 interfaces, it makes an ideal gateway between SDI to IP, IP to IP, and SDI to SDI. The FA-1616’s frame synchronizer also supports 4K, 12G-SDI, HDR, wide color gamut, and simultaneous processing of 4K UHD and HD video by using 4 channels together as a 4K processor.

• SOAR-A EDGE IP encoder/decoder, part of the ultra-low latency live production SOAR-A platform. The EDGE now features JPEG XS and AV1 codec. It’s also ideal for secure REMI production and gateway-free streaming, and offers you flexible, expandable, and upgradable IP architecture.

• The switchers, routers, graphics technology, media servers, and processors that are designed with control rooms like yours in mind, allowing you to streamline your operation, cut production costs, and prevent expensive add-ons in the future.

• Production automation solutions from our partners at Aveco that are tightly integrated with FOR-A switchers, graphics technology, and more that will allow you to cut down on production costs while also giving you seamless, error-free results.

• The new Alfalite LED walls that will blow you away with their durability (it’s nearly impossible to break these things!), high quality European manufacturing, and ORIM (optical resin injection module) technology that allows you to view it at almost 180 degrees with perfect precision and no color degradation.

• Live remote production software on a highly secure platform that can grow with your needs, allowing you to add functionality to the software-defined architecture without rendering your current hardware obsolete.

• Affordable augmented reality graphics that can handle extended reality, virtual sets, real-time virtual meeting graphics with a green screen, without a green screen, and data-driven graphics with up to 10 camera inputs and live switching on just one workstation!