My Partnership With Referco




I partnered with Referco. I became a CRT, a Certified Referral Trainer/Referral Coach who trains on the strategies from (7L): The Seven Levels of Communication to create a prosperous business through Love, Generosity, and Appreciation.

I chose this partnership because I wanted to be a CRT of the leading organization of Referral Mastery based on the values of love, generosity, and appreciation.


I wanted to be part of a community of highly successful business owners and professionals who are generous givers and appreciative receivers.


I wanted leaders who provided ongoing training and support on referral mastery, networking opportunities for like-minded individuals, and a platform to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

I believe that building your business through relationships based on love, generosity, and appreciation leads to attracting people who want to give you referrals and favorable introductions. You do not have to cold call or chase down strangers. It is the best way to grow a business.


I wanted a successful system that helps business owners build their businesses through relationships through referrals that are wildly profitable and great for their souls.


If my partnership with Referco resonates with you and you want to see how I and my business can help you, let's schedule a 30-minute discovery call at this link:


My contact information is, my cell phone number is 757-522-2121, and my website is