Partnership With Exit Planning Institute


I partnered with Exit Planning Institute. I became a CEPA which is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. 

I chose this partnership because I wanted to be a CEPA of the leading authority of Exit Planning and Value Acceleration Methodology. 

I wanted to be part of a community of professional advisors, all committed to serving the needs of business owners, especially in exit planning and value acceleration.

I wanted a leadership team who provided the best industry educational content, ongoing practice support, and networking opportunities with like-minded experts with complementary strengths to support the needs of business owners.

I believe exit planning is simply a good business strategy. Exit planning is laser-focused on what you can do right now to grow the value of your business and drive income. This approach focuses on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating your personal and financial objections into their business; you will have many options to exit on your timeline and terms.

I wanted a successful system that helps business owners create wealth in their business so that when they exit, they exist with the most significant income from their business without regret.





If my partnership with the Exit Planning Institute resonates with you and you want to see how we can help you, let's schedule a 30-minute discovery call at this link below:


My contact information is My cell phone number is 757-522-2121.