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Leesa Massaman
Execution Coach at the 12 Week Year, 

a New York Times Best Selling book

This book feels as if "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and Alex Hailey's "Roots" had an offspring born to set people free.  Spiceda is like Harriett Tubman, leading people to financial freedom

About the Author and the Book -  Spiceda Jackson

Spiceda is a Certified and Highly skilled Accountant, who has earned CPA license in Florida and Georgia.  She holds a double college degree in Finance and Accounting.  In this book she tell money stories and reflects on her financial journey.  She uncovers the two TRUTHs about money untold and  NEVER taught in school.  We are placed in the "real world" and told to go to work yet; we are told that we work and receive 20% to 40% less than we worked for.  


I have found that what we REALLY should know about money, like this, we are not taught.  We are thrown into the world like a baby is thrown into a pool and expected to swim.  


 After over 30 years an Accountant, 15 years an solo-practitioner having worked with over 2,000 people and businesses, helping them with their financial reporting and taxing situation, she has realized that there are two keys to getting, keeping, and having money.  She has also come to the knowledge that EVERYTHING you WANT is BEHIND a Number.  

Everything I Learned about Money, I learned from my Grandfather who retired at 45 and live lived another almost 50 years. 


I met my Grandfather later in life.  I was 21 years old and my Mom was 50.  I cannot imagine what my life would be like as I turn another year older if God had not gifted me with to meet, live with, and learn from my maternal Grandfather, Nazareth.  My Grandfather retired young.  He went from working in his Father's candy store to being a Landlord while working 9 to 5 as a New York firefighter. 


I never saw my Grandfather work a day in his life.  We spent to many days talking about his life.  He was one of my best friends and a business mentor.  I became a landlord at 27 years old and multi-property owner because I simply wanted to be like him, retired young.  


I not only learned what money was and could do from my Grandfather, my parents and Grandmothers taught me the foundational money principles which I will share.  These financial principles paired with my knowledge and experience led me to write this book to help people KNOW, KEEP and GROW dollars to live beyond your happy life. 

" Making dollars with Sense is a Common $ense Guide"

God did not Design us for the Dollar to Determine our daily moves.  

You will have to read the book to learn the missing lesson about money... but ponder on this truth.

Everything You Want is Behind a Number

$27.95 for the Bundle