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Services provided: Life Insurance including benefits such as mortgage protection, final expense, and living benefits; and retirement solutions, including debt elimination.


You will love what you do.

  • Receive Competitive Compensation in the form of Commissions & Bonuses
  • Run Leads Anywhere From the Comfort of Your Home
  • Qualify for Monthly Stipends for Business Expenses
  • Step-by-Step Training for Virtual & In-Person Sales
  • Free Business Management & Analytical Technology
  • Write Business with Over 15 Premier Carriers

Our clients desperately need our help.

Middle-income Americans are in a crisis. It's up to you to help them install their first line of defense in the face of financial hardships.

You'll be able to work with your clients to tailor life insurance and retirement solutions that best fit their needs and budgets.

More than


of Americans have no form of life insurance, while 84% say that most people need it.

– MarketWatch, 2018, “New Study Reveals More Than 40 Percent of Americans Don’t Have Any Form of Life Insurance”

The need is clear.

Life Insurance


of Americans say they personally need life insurance but many don't have it.

Retirement Planning


of Americans fear they won’t be able to retire or that they will run out of money during their retirement.

Final Expense


is the average cost of a funeral, which is a 28% increase in the last 10 years. For most families today, the loss of a loved one brings both emotional and financial stress.

Mortgage Protection


of U.S. households with children would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if a primary wage earner were to die today.

Take a closer look at our products and services.

Gather Leads With Ease

We're the company where the sales come to you, not the other way around. Thanks to Equis's exclusive lead program, cold-calling is a task of the past.

Leadership That's Here For You

Unlike other company structures, our leadership works for you. Sounds crazy, right? But that's how it should be.

Education Tools Made For You

Our company was built by agents, for agents. Equis invests in your financial education, because that's how we do better as a team.

Top-Notch Technology

From a back office that makes your job easier to integrations with our partners, our technology’s job is to get out of the way so you can serve clients at your speed.

Online Training

Expert training from the industry's best is on Equis Financial’s own training platform. It's 100% free, and available for all your electronic devices.

Marketing Enabled

A strong brand, a credible reputation, and a suite of digital marketing tools are here to help you establish yourself as a professional and expand your business as an entrepreneur.

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